Hurricane Sandy Strikes Northeast

Hello everyone,

So Hurricane Sandy has struck the northeast, and it done more damage than I think anyone expected.

Here on Long Island, many homes and cars are destroyed, power is out for 1 million + people, and I am hearing that dozens of people have died.

I probably won't have internet for much longer so I wanted to share some of these pics I took from South Nassau County on Long Island.



Boat on Front Lawn
Credit: Me

As you can see, these boats were docked at a nearby marina and they were thrown into nearby homes, causing a ton of damage. Some boats traveled as far as 500 feet across major streets.

Credit: Me

This was like being at a movie scene - it was unreal. I felt terrible for the people who lived on this block. The nearby marina was completely destroyed. Many peoples cars were also destroyed in the storm.

Tree Down
Credit: Me

Trees falling over is very common during hurricanes and this is one of the main causes for mass power outages. As of Tuesday night, some 900K plus people are without power on Long Island. Things are even worse in New Jersey I am told.

Storm Damage(117722)
Credit: Me

Because we got hit with Hurricane Irene just over a year ago, and because that Hurricane was not as serious as the media made out to be, I think a lot of people did not prepare enough for this storm. That really has backfired. The amount of damaged sustained is unprecedented.

Credit: Me

This boat pictured above traveled across two major streets and traveled nearly 500 feet from the marina it was docked!

Tree on House
Credit: Me

Trees falling on houses is common during Hurricanes. It's best to not touch the tree yourself and try to move it.

Fence Damage
Credit: Me

I hope everyone on the northeast coast, especially in New Jersey and folks in Staten Island, are safe and secure. Power is still out for many people but the worst of the storm is over and its time to pick up the pieces. LIPA officials are estimating that power will not be restored for nearly 7-10 more days in some part of Long Island.

I am still learning more about the storm and the damage caused so I cannot comment on how many fatalities and total damage has been caused, but I can tell you in Nassau County, LI, people are safe now and coming together to help each other out. I hope everyone is safe and is with their family now.