Hurricane Tidbits

12 Interesting Hurricane Facts

There is no denying that hurricanes have become more powerful and more common over the past decade. In fact hurricanes can be one of the most costliest, deadliest and strongest storms in the world. There are many facts that many of us do not know about Hurricanes and I have put together a list of what I think are the most interesting.

1. Diameter of the eye can be 12 to 125 meters across
2. Other names for a hurricane are cyclone and typhoon
3. Hurricane season lasts from June 1 to November 30
4. The names for Hurricanes are chosen from an alphabetical list of alternating male and female names
5. The most deaths ever caused by a hurricane occured in Texas in 1900 where 8, 000 people died.
6. The most damage ever caused by a hurricane was Hurricane Andrew in 1992. This Hurricane caused over $26 billion dollars in damages to Florida.
7. Hurricanes are measured in 5 categories
-Category 1= Minimal, Wind speeds of 74 - 95 MPH
-Category 2= Moderate, Wind speeds of 96 - 110 MPH
-Category 3= Extensive, Wind speeds of 131 - 155 MPH
-Category 4= Extreme, Wind speeds of 131 - 155 MPH
-Category 5= Catastrophic, Wind speeds of over 155 MPH
8. Water has to be 79 degrees or warmer in order for a Hurricane to form
9. A hurricane is caused by a warm wet mass of air over the sea that begins to evaporate
10. The spinning cycle in a Hurrican is caused by a combination of air, water, and heat that produce a huge spinning system of clouds rain and wind
11. The most dangerous part of a hurricane is the storm surge
12. Waves caused by the wind in Hurricanes can reach over 30 feet in height.