All people are made differently for good reason. What one person thinks is special the other person may think is not so special. What can wives in particular do when their mate seems to enjoy something they don't?

A husband may have a motorcycle and wants you to ride it. You may feel differently. You may like to stay home and write short stories or you may want to go visit your family for a while. There's nothing wrong with either of these choices. It's just one has different ideas about what they call fun for that day.

Many people have grown up with control in their lives. This can hurt relationships. Why? Spouses may demand more attention than what is fair in many situations. Let's talk about a few more examples.

Your wife may have been asking to go to the mall with a friend of hers. You may have different ideas on this subject and think she should stay home and cook and clean. Wives do a lot for the care for the household. Maybe she needs a little time away just to feel rested from the week of daily chores.

It's your turn guys again. You may have worked all week. You may be tired and frustrated from the same oh same oh work hard at it job. Someone may have asked you to go to the car races which you have an interest in. Your wife may need a gentle hand in helping her realize this guy thing interest.

Some women do like the car races and want to go a long. There maybe times when the man just wants a day with one of his buddies. This can be a good thing. The man who just spent a day at the races with his buddy may just come home feeling rejuvenated from his exhausting week at work.

Religion can be a problem or it doesn't have to be. If your husband is Catholic and you're Lutheran you should always respect his chosen religion, and then in return he'll respect yours. You could go to his church one week and yours the nest. You could show an interest in the faith he so proudly grew up in.

We've all been made differently but this difference is what will define and build your character. Couples who can give each other time and space from time to time have learned the true meaning of love. Love is never controlling and self seeking.

Husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends should gives each other space from time to time with a giving heart. This may help keep harmony where it belongs. In the relationship!

Love each other for who they are. Not for whom you want them to be.