For the workability factor, a Husqvarna snow blower stays on the job with concentrated power and durability. Husqvarna snow blowers give a new meaning to play time in the snow. A proven record of exceptional price and performance value can be given to the Husqvarna blower.

Designed to power through numerous snow conditions, this powerful line of snow blowers shorten clearing times down by two-thirds. When it comes to cleaner driveways and walkways, the snow shovel and snow shoes are stored away, to make room for the Husqvarna blower.

The heavy duty prosumers version is the Tecumseh Snow King over-head valve (OHV) engine these heavy-duty snow blowers are reliable in sub-zero weathering. For professional looking driveway clearings, the blower can devour and spit over 20 inches of snow and coverage includes 30 inches.

A powerful 13 workhorse engine with a high speed impeller does the job fast, with optimal maneuverability. The pricing on these beauties’ can be expensive, but well worth every penny when playing around in the snow is no option.

Maneuverability can sometimes be an issue with the dual-stage Husqvarna snow blowers, but traction using tire chain grips can readily take care of that problem. The aggressive dual-stage blower may be a bit more expensive than other top models, but it proves its worth by getting the job done it is asked to do.

A user-friendly design for the controllers have comfortable grips that are within easy reach. The electric start on some of these models is a nice touch. Some tendency to clog up results in the handler pushing through the snow faster than it can handle, when the auger is suctioning the snow off the ground.

Careful pacing seems to be the answer to this problem, especially since it is self-propelled. The grading steeps can be a grind to work with on using any type of snow thrower, but the snow blower keeps going strong.

Some reports of drive force being lessened with steeper grades comes from the fact that again, the handler needs to let the snow blower move at the pace it was designed to move when navigating steep inclines.

A higher horsepower engine usually works better for steeper inclines, with less delay on the gears shifting for maximum pulling power. A built-in halogen light is standard in most models, although in the version the 1130SBE-XP the lights are not available.

The Husqvarna is mostly constructed of durable steel parts, although there are plastic parts below the metal chute. An added bonus is the 30-inch wide hand warmers. The parts do have to be assembled though, but a good job for the fixer-upper in the family to accomplish hands down. The instructions really need to be kept in view.

Excellent footage is gained on the snow blowing capacities with 190 degrees of controlled snow blowing. The Husqvarna snow blowers also work well in keeping the underfoot clean enough to find traction for walking. A powerful torque system allows for one hand adjustments to be made on the chute, as the momentum of the machine will not be lost.