Hybrid cats are that have a wild ancestor in their recent history. While all cats have come from wild stock at some point, domestic cats have this history as part of their history rather than their actual family tree. Hybrid cats are much closer to the wild cat. In fact, the first generation is created by breeding a wild cat with a domestic cat. These are known as F1 hybrids. Then the F1 is bred with another cat, usually a domestic or another hybrid. The offspring is the F2 generation. This continues on and is usually numbered for at least the first 4 generations and often up to 8 generations. Everyone interested in owning these cats should make sure they thoroughly research the behaviors that these cats can have.  

Bengal Cat(95231)
Credit: Tyler T, Wikipedia, CC BY SA

Hybrid Cat Controversy

There are some that believe that hybrid cats shouldn't be bred because the breeding process is difficult, they do have wild characteristics, and some people have a hard time handling them in their home. You will want to make sure that you at least know what people have against it so that you are prepared for everything that might come your way.


Hybrid Cats Are Beautiful

One thing that really draws people to hybrid cats is their beauty. They come in some very gorgeous patterns and often extra soft fur. In addition to being very beautiful they also are very intelligent. Because they are very intelligent they can interact with the owners in ways that are more advanced than many cats. 

Savannah Cat(95233)
Credit: Galawebdesign, Wikipedia, CC BY

Not All Are Equal

While many hybrid cats require that your house be hybrid proof and many hybrid cats are a lot like having very smart small children for a very long time. On the other hand, some are very well behaved and don't resemble their wild ancestry. You want to make sure that you are prepared for both, just in case.  

Hybrid Cats - Wild Behaviors

Many hybrid cats start getting wilder around ten to eighteen months. Your darling kitten might turn out to be a handful.

  • Destruction – Hybrid cats are destructive. They can jump onto horizontal surfaces and clear them of whatever might be there. They chew, claw, and climb furniture often ruining it. They may also like to chew clothing, tear up socks, and ruin shoes. Many of them can even learn to open up doors getting into cupboards and closets.
  • Habits – Most have habits that just won't break no matter how much you try. Often you try and train your cat and he or she trains you. It can be really hard to break the habits of the hybrid cat.
  • Bonding Issues – They bond really well with people, but usually only one or two people. That can be hard on a family and even harder when you have company. On the other hand, if there is just one or two of you then that isn't near as big of an issue.
  • Don't Always Like Other Pets – Hybrid cats seem to either adopt other pets (usually cats) or hate them. If they hate them they will often go out of their way to make life miserable for the other pets in the household. One woman even talked about her other cat begging to be locked in a closet to be out to the way. Some will do really well with other cats, adopting them them and taking care of them. Many are said to get along with dogs as well. It is a situation where you often have to be careful.
  • Anxious – Many of them are very jumpy and can be even more destructive if worried. They can also be dangerous to strangers if they are nervous or worried. This often will depend on the individual and also the hybrid. For example, many bengals are often reported as being anxious where it is a lot less common in savannahs.
  • Hunters and Killers – Most hybrid cats are very vicious hunters and killers. This is great for keeping pests from bugs to mice (and even rats, bats, snakes, and lizards), but it can be scary when a new animal is brought into the household and some have mentioned concerns about bringing new babies home.
  • Smart – Hybrid cats are very smart. This can be really frustrating as well. You can put things away and hide things and they can find them. They can also learn to open cupboard doors, refrigerator doors, and even closet doors.
  • Very Active – These cats are awake more than other cats and need more attention. They want to be played with and given attention starting early in the morning and throughout the day. Often they cry, scream, or make other horrific noises when they want attention and don't get it or they are bored.


Bengal Cat - Domestic Cat/Asian Leopard Cat(95236)
Credit: Seduisant, Wikipedia, PD

Is It Hopeless?

Most hybrid owners who share their difficulties with hybrid cats report that there are a few reasons that the cats behave the way that they do. By working to alleviate these things you can make it so that they are less likely to behave badly or ruin the items in your home.

  • Boredom – When you combine high intelligence with strength and a creature who is much more active than an average domestic cat and you have a problem. The solution is a wide variety of activities for the hybrid cats to do. You want to make sure that they have lots of good things to do so that they are less likely to spend time doing bad things. This should include lots of toys and lots of climbing places.
  • Attention – Once your hybrid cat has bonded with you they want to get lots of attention from you. Many owners report this starting early in the morning and not always in the most pleasant of ways. However, you will want to make sure that you are prepared to spend a great deal of time with your cat and that you are giving him or her attention in lots of different ways. You should play fetch, go for walks, and have other activities that are similar to what dog owners do with their dogs on hand.
  • Anger – The other thing that many owners and people who are against the breeding of hybrid cats report is that these cats are smart enough to get angry at you and can be destructive on purpose if you make them made. Many owners say that they understand human speech and need to be told a lot of details about your life. Whether this is true or not you will want to figure out the things that get your cat angry and try to avoid them so that they are happier in your space and less likely to destroy your stuff. One owner even reports that her cat gets angry if you say, “See you later” and then don't come home that night.  

Owning a hybrid cat is a lot more work than owning a regular cat. You should make sure that you are prepared for anything that can happen because it will make your life a lot easier if you are prepared before you buy the cat. Hybrid cat behaviors differ from animal to animal, but all of them are very smart, very active, and very strong. They have the potential to do damage to your home and your belongings, but there are things you can do to make a difference. The biggest one, is to be prepared.