Hydraulic Drum Throne
What is a hydraulic drum throne?
A drum throne, sometimes called a drum stool or drummers stool, is a type of seat designed for drummers to sit on that allows them the freedom and flexibility use their legs independently.  If a drummer were to use a traditional seat, the restriction of their upper thighs would not give them the dexterity needed to control the kick drum, and high hat pedals.  Because of the drum throne shape, drummers have complete flexibility from the hip joint all the way down the leg.

A hydraulic drum throne is simply a feature that is built into any type of drum throne that allows the drummer to adjust the seat height on the fly using a hydraulic cylinder built into the stool.  The mechanics are similar to an office chair that you would find at any desk, however the components are heavier duty.  How it works is the drummer can take his body weight off the seat, lift a lever, and the seat rises up.  To lower the level, he simply lifts the lever with his body weight still on the seat.  The advantage of the hydraulic drum throne is that a drummer can adjust his seat height mid show.  Compared to the traditional drum stool which requires manually “screwing” the sear down, or adjusting a pipe clamp beneath the cushion, hydraulic drum thrones offer tremendous convenience to professional drummers.  


Types of drum thrones:

In general drum thrones can be categorized as one of three types.  Each offer their respective advantages and reflect those advantages in their price.  Hydraulic lifts can be installed on any type of throne but it is a feature usually reserved for saddle, or backrest drum thrones.  

Round Drum Throne - You have more than likely seen a round drum throne.  They are the most common drum stool among both amateur and professional drummers.  They feature a thick round padded cushion providing you with 360 degree playability.  The most inexpensive drum seats are usually the round type, but there are certainly much more expensive heavy duty round drum thrones.  

Saddle Drum Throne - For more support and a more comfortable playing position, saddle drum thrones were designed to look like over sized bicycle seats.  They still offer full dexterity, but offer extra support and padding in the groin, and are also more ergonomically designed.  

Back Rest Thrones - Generally added to saddle drum thrones, backrests are a feature that brings hydraulic drum thrones to the next level of comfort.  (They also usually bump the price over the $200 threshold).  However, if you gig often or if you play longer shows, a backrest is crucial to maintain proper posture and weight distribution on the spine.  


The best hydraulic drum thrones:

Gibraltar 9608HM Hydraulic Moto Throne - The Gibraltar 9608HM is a saddle style drum throne with a powerful hydraulic lift built in.  If features a comfortably thick cushion and rigid double braced legs.  It disassembles quickly for easy transport and travel in between gigs.

DW Drum Workshop 9000 Series Heavy Duty Air-lift Throne - The DW 9000 Series Air Lift drum throne is the mac daddy of thrones.  It has an ultra wide “tractor” seat, and adjustable backrest, and exclusive air lift technology.  It also has 4 double braced legs compared to the industry standard 3 legs.  

If you are looking to purchase hydraulic drum throne, be sure to try them out at your local music store before finding a deal online.  Different thrones are built for different sized people with different playing styles.  When you’ve found a model you like, check authority sites like Amazon.com for deals and discounts.