There are many reasons to consider a heavy duty hydraulic engine hoist rental when you need one of these fantastic machines. The rental fees are much less than the cost of buying one of these machines. If you rent one, you have to worry about where you will store it especially if you have a small or crowded garage. A rental is likely going to be the latest style or model of that type of machine. Rental units are ready to go. You don't have to worry about maintenance or repairs of the units. Last but not least, you can request any of the special features that you want or need without having to pay extra for it.

Engine hoists are quite costly to purchase. Unless you have a frequent or long term need for one of these fancy machines, there is really no need to buy one. Renting is ideal for one time uses or ever so often jobs.

When you get done using the rental unit, all you have to do is take it back. You won't have to rearrange your garage or buy a storage shed to store it. Most models are quite big, bulky and heavy. Some rental places will deliver and pick up the unit once you are done with it so will never have to move or haul it anywhere before or after the job is done.

Since most rental places keep their machines up to date, many also keep the latest versions of the machines on hand. You are likely to get the same features that accompany new models but at a much cheaper rate with a rental.

Engine hoists that are available for rent are always ready to go. They do not need to be cleaned, repaired, or require maintaining while in your possession. You make your appointment and the unit will be there or be brought to right to your location.

If you need specific features, most rental places allow you to request any special features that you want or need. If you need an outrigger boom that swivels 90° to the side you ask for it. If one company doesn't have it, you can find another company that does. If you want the larger casters for easier movement you can order exactly that. If you need a 4000 pound hoist now and next time you think you want a 6000 pound unit, you make your orders accordingly. You can basically customize the machine to meet the needs of whatever job you plan on doing.

The advantages of a heavy duty engine hoist rental far outweigh the advantages of owning a unit if you only use it once or twice a year. You have all the benefits of the hydraulic engine hoist and none of the problems like storage and transport. Plus as the years go by, you will always get units that are up to date and containing all of the latest features.