HydravidCredit: javrsmith

Hydravid has now launched. This utility is designed to boost traffic to videos through syndication. It promises to do just that, to tremendous effect. Walt Bayliss has released a powerful aid with this software.

This refers to the practice where video content is distributed to various broadcasters. Hydravid makes this process easy for you. While the big broadcast sites are YouTube and Vimeo, there are many others as well. Yahoo, Tsu, Flickr, Instagram, and many others, invite video posts. As well, personal blogs are desperate for this type of content. Syndication is like the standard method of hosting TV shows on traditional television stations. The material is produced once and shown, (hosted), on many sites, often simultaneously.

Hydravid ships with a number of bonuses for early purchasers. First, the author is willing to grant affiliate rights to his customers. This allows owners to recoup their cost through affiliate sales. Next, a package of royalty free music is included. A set of video loops is also a bonus item. These can be used as backgrounds for video created through such tools as Explaindio. Other bonuses may be present with Hydravid. Be sure to check the sales and/or receipt pages to see what is the current offer.

This utility is a fairly sophisticated tool. That said, it is quite easy to use, as shown by the tutorial series of videos. The basic overview alludes to the power of the tool. The installation clip is very thorough, and helpful. Other clips show how to use the tool to maximum effect. The author, who has a very strong technical background, knows that not all users are as capable. He takes great effort to show that the steps involved when running Hydravid are very simple, or more involved but consistent. His easy pace shows that anyone can perform the installation, and start running the utility.

MAC or Windows
This utility ships in both MAC and Windows versions. The installation details are obviously different for the two platforms. When running, the operation of the tool is consistent for both. This utility should not require a great deal of power from the host system. It is primarily a distribution tool. As such, it will use the network to upload material to the Internet. The speed to do so is only really dependent on the speed of the home Internet connection.

Promotional Opportunities
Walt has created a number of great utilities and plug-ins for WordPress. These are very popular with buyers as they provide great functionality to web sites. Walt lets his customers sign up for affiliate sales approval very easily. This lets customers promote Walt's work, earning revenue for both. Some of the sales opportunities are recurring so affiliates can earn money each and every month for their referrals. The commission for generated sales is 50% to the promoter.

Promoting Hydravid
The obvious utility to promote is the main utility itself. A full package of promotional material, including a sales video, is provided to approved affiliates. A sales tutorial is even provided to show how this is done. Using the utility itself, customers can promote on syndicated sites very easily. It's a great way to both learn how to use the tool, and to earn revenue.

Promoting Web Conferencing
Customers can also be approvide to promote "Runclick". This utility is a conferencing plug-in which works with Google Hangouts. It allows WordPress sites to bind in webinars as events with advanced scheduling, live views, and automatic archiving. Best of all, this utility is a one-time purchase. Many other similar tools are sold at much higher prices, and must be paid per month or year. This utility is also a fixed price regardless of the number of webinar visitors. That is another amazing value, compared to some other tools.

Using the Tool
To use this utility, you first must create a video. Explaindio is a great system that lets you create them easily, and quickly. Once your video is ready, use Hydravid to sydicate it, (post it), to many sites at once. It will go to the big ones, YouTube and Vimeo, and to many others as well. You can post it to accounts that you register as well. These will be on Break, Veoh, and more. You simply add a title for your post, a description and tags. When you hit submit, the tool uploads for you.

If you need to, you can set up profiles for posting. These will keep your information separate per post. This is helpful if you have different personalities for your videos. For example, you may have content that is specific to pets which should post with one profile. Another would post travel content. This would be set up with another profile. The tool takes care of the details automatically.

Excellent Support Provided
All of Walt's products include excellent support. The team is responsive and helpful. This is vital for software that can be used for business purposes. A ticketing system is provided. This lets you enter in specifics to any issue that you may have. You receive instant confirmation that your issue has been recorded. In time, you receive advice and assistance from the support team. These people have full access to knowledge about the system. Most issues have been resolved in a very short period of time.

This software utility is quite new, and it is going to be improved over time. The author has plans to increase the number of networks that are directly supported. It should also be expanded to handle more social media sites. The model in use is quite sound. It copies the tradition of broadcast television. In that medium, programs were developed. These were then shown in many local markets by individual television channels. Some were networked, others were independent. The new video clip distribution tool works the same way.

You use it to post your material to your main sites, such as YouTube. You then have the content replicated to other networks. Getting the material in front of many viewers is the goal, both for television and for your clips.