Isn't Hydrocodone withdraw fun? We all have sought to get off which results in a lot of pain. If we could get our drug of choice all the time it wouldn't be a problem. But when we can't its awful. You could withdraw from hydrocodone in jail. I wouldn't recommend that method as the best way to detox off hydrocodone. Under the medical supervision of a Dr. or medical facility is the best and healthiest way. Hydrocodone addiction withdrawal can cause severe depression, decreased breathing, confusion, and low blood pressure.There is a very good chance of death if the hydrocodone addict does not seek the proper medical treatment. He or she could suffer from body aches, fever,tremors, or seizures.. There are medications that a doctor can prescribe to help ease the pain of hydrocodone withdrawal. A treatment facility can take measures to prevent seizures and treat anxiety. Lorazepam and xanx are prescribed to help treat anxiety. An addicts blood pressure rises and falls during withdraw. A doctor can can prescrib medication to help steady the blood pressure and also monitor vital signs.. That why its best to seek help from a medical facility if You choose to withdraw from hydrocodone. A lot of times when I was coming off a hydrocodone I would eat candy bars or other sweets to help ease the withdrawals.


By checking into treatment the addict has the opportunity to remove himself from the people, places, and things that can trigger a relapse. It will also help them fill their head with positive things. For a lot of people suffering with hydrocodone addiction , jail is the alternative. I first learned about 12-step type meetings after I checked into my first rehab. Although that time I did not stay clean for long, The benefit was that it put the seed of recovery in my head. Many years later it blossumed., The easy access of 12-step meetings and individual counsoling makes rehab crucial for a hydrocodone addict..The goal is to give the addict all the necessary knowledge and tools to succeed in the outside world once he or she is released from the treatment facility.. Some rehabs prescribed continuous medication for opiate addicts to help with the withdrawal. I personally do not advocate that sort of therapy. I believe that an addict needs to learn from day one to start coping with life without drugs, whether there prescribed by a doctor or not.


In my eyes, a form of 12-step recovery is the greatest aftercare available to a addict. They are easily accesseble in all areas of the world. Fellow addicts that I have recovered with have found success getting clean in there religious establishments. I support that kind of aftertreatment as a form of spiritual recovery. Often times a rehab program will require after care meetings.. Usually that entails going to meetings or meeting with a counselor on a weekly or daily basis. It makes the addict accountable, which is something that we as addicts do not like to be. Later after many months or years of aftercare treatment, an addict may find himself returning to meetings to give back to the other people in the rehab like people before and gave them.