Hydrofloss oral irrigator keeps gums healthy

Reversing gum disease can be a long and expensive procedure. Fortunately, there are inexpensive and effective things you can do at home for periodontal disease treatment. Hydrofloss oral irrigators are great and economical options for gum disease treatment at home. While a Hydrofloss oral irrigator will not eliminate the need for professional periodontal disease treatment from a dentist, using one on a regular basis will greatly help with reversing gum disease and restoring your gums to full health, in conjunction with your dental visits.


I speak from personal experience here, having shelled out a good sum of money on periodontal disease treatment at my dentist. When she recommended that I get the Hydrofloss oral irrigator, at first I was skeptical, thinking this was yet another way for her to get money out of me through sales and referrals. But for the roughly $100 dollar cost, I figured it was worth putting in some extra money given how much I had already spent on tooth and gum disease treatment. I am really glad I did so; that little machine has paid for itself many times over, and it's been several years since I needed any dental treatment other than my six-monthly basic dental cleaning. I have even changed dentists in the meantime – my new dentist had never even heard of Hydrofloss oral irrigators, but she said, "Whatever you're doing, just keep doing it – your teeth and gums are in great shape!" I am now the proud owner of two Hydrofloss oral irrigators now, having bought the second one when I sent the original in for servicing (more on that below); this way, I am never without a Hydrofloss at any time. I even pack one of them on trips so I don't have to go without oral irrigation while traveling.

Hydrofloss oral irrigators are a great investment for your gums

Where to buy Hydrofloss oral irrigators for periodontal disease treatment


Hydrofloss oral irrigators are available through the Hydrofloss website of course (www.hydrofloss.com), but it is well worth doing a web search for them, as you can sometimes get a better deal through a third-party dealer. Some of the websites that sell Hydrofloss oral irrigators at a great price are Amazon.com, Dentist.net and Overstock.com. Some of these websites will also throw in additional goodies like extra jet tips, a guidebook on periodontal disease treatment, and special toothpaste for periodontal therapy. Your dentist may also stock Hydrofloss Oral irrigators – indeed, I bought my first Hydrofloss unit from my dentist.


How to use Hydrofloss oral irrigators for periodontal disease treatment


Using a Hydrofloss oral irrigator is quite simple. You just fill the reservoir with lukewarm tap water, insert the tip in your mouth, turn on the machine with the force of the jet turned up as high as you can tolerate, and run the jet of water slowly over your gums, paying particular attention to the area where the teeth meet your gums, as well as between your teeth. Make sure to run the jet on both the outside and inside surfaces of your gums. I use the Hydrofloss oral irrigator in the morning and at night after meals. For good measure, I rinse out my mouth with mouthwash after each use, as advised by my dentist.

As you use your Hydrofloss more and more, you will feel your gums become stronger and less sensitive. Soon, you will be able to turn the jet all the way to the highest force setting without feeling any pain in your gums.


Care and proper use of Hydrofloss oral irrigators


Although Hydrofloss oral irrigators are quite sturdy, a few simple precautions will help you maximize the use you get out of these machines. Make sure to rinse out the water reservoir well after each use, as mineral deposits from tap water will tend to build up on the walls over time. And this is very important: do not twist or kink the coiled tube connecting the jet to the reservoir as you irrigate your teeth. Twisting or kinking the tube will cause it to eventually fray and leak at the base of the handheld jet attachment, where the tube inserts into it. It's happened to me twice. Instead of twisting the tube to reach nooks and crannies between your teeth, rotate the movable jet piece where it inserts into the handheld part.


Send your Hydrofloss oral irrigator back for repair if it should get damaged. I found Hydrofloss customer service to be very prompt and efficient, and the repair cost me less than half of the price for a new unit, including shipping and handling. I think it is a good idea to buy two units, so that if you have to send one in for repair, you always have a backup and don't have to go without oral irrigation while waiting for your main unit to be shipped back to you.


Bottom line is: hydrofloss oral irrigators are very effective and inexpensive options for periodontal disease treatment, and well worth the very modest cost.