Hydroponics Growing Equipment

What is Hydroponics Gardening?

One of the ways that you can grow plants in your garden is hydroponically-that is, you grow the plants in water, without using any soil.

The name "hydroponic" comes from the Greek words "hydro", meaning water, and "ponos", meaning labor.

  • The roots of the plants become suspended in the water and nutrient mixture and this is all that they need to feed the leaves and flowering parts of the plant.



Hydroponics Gardening Grow Equipment

For growing hydroponic plants, the hydroponics equipment that you'll need includes:

  1. Aerator
  2. Pump
  3. Water tank
  4. Some kind of support for the crowns of the plants
  5. Artificial lighting
  6. A net
  7. A tray
    You'll need these basics regardless of what method you are using for your hydroponic gardening:
  1. Aeroponics
  2. Bubbleponics
  3. Drip feeding
  4. Ebb-and-flow


Your tank will be a large basin.

  • This is what will hold your water and plan nutrients mixture.


Your next piece of required hydroponics equipment to consider, the water pump, is a little machine that gets put on the reservoir to ensure that the nutrients formula gets to the roots of the plants in sufficient amounts.

  • The aerator's role as hydroponics equipment is to ensure that the nutrient formula and water mixture are oxygenated so that the plants can sufficiently grow.
  • You'll need your tray or net to hold the crowns of the plants and keep them elevated even as the roots still draw up water and nutrients to continue feeding the plants.
Hydroponic Gardening Equipment

Let's consider the lighting that you'll need as part of your hydroponics equipment.

LED lighting, HID lights, and CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) are the preferred hydroponics equipment when it comes to lighting.

There are many differing viewpoints about what type of lighting to use.

  • All you can do is research various ideas and viewpoints and come to your own conclusion based upon personal preference and what type of hydroponic gardening you're doing.
Hydroponic Plant Cloning Cloner Machines

Finally, let's look at the basics of the different types of hydroponics gardening.


  1. When you do aeroponic gardening, the plants are suspended above a system which constantly mists their roots with the mixture of water and nutritional formula.

  2. For drip-feed hydropopics, you'll need a dripper for each plant and a drip feed tank, so that the water and formula drip right on top of the root mass so that the roots remain short (not needing to search for food). This is supposed to make the crowns grow more.

  3. Bubbleponics is a top-feeding Deep Water Culture hydroponic system in which the water is pumped up from the reservoir to the top of the roots.

    With the ebb-and-flow method, the plants are grown in rockwool blocks or small pots.
  • The nutrient solution is stored in the reservoir while a submersible pump sends it up to the tray through the drain fitting.
  • You'll need a timer as part of your hydroponics growing equipment for this method, so that the pump will turn on at regular intervals a few times per day.