What is so special with regards to hymns? Exactly why do they make a difference? I think hymns matter for several reasons. Hymns are usually meaningful, poignant, relevant, beautiful, as well as reverent. A ton of Christian songs falls into this category also. On this page, I would like to check into each trait in the above list. In the event that you have not already, check out part one in this group of articles talking about why hymns are important and meaningful.

Hymns are generally poignant for their content. Truly being affected as a result of the writing of hymns is something many men and women have in common. Poignant wording empowers us to look within. We think about who we are, and also who God is, and His bond with us. This enables us to take into consideration how He feels about us, and in what ways He's affecting each of our minds. We're in a great position to ask ourselves, "What is he communicating to us?" This helps make a big difference in many ways.

We can easily grow and flourish when we finally reflect on exactly who God is, and how He relates to us and other humans. Growing makes it possible for us to become more effective and even work for something greater. Growing helps us to see in a healthy way the reasons why we have to grow. We develop empathy for our fellow human being. We are prepared to set our egos aside, forget about our pride, and ultimately love and serve each other well. This whole process takes humbleness. Without humbleness, nothing can be accomplished that's not selfish.

Through all of this growing and reflecting, we grasp the need for thankfulness. We end up thankful once we see, because of service and self-sacrifice, how much we truly have to be grateful for. This in turn pushes us to deepen our relationship with other individuals, and mirror God's features. We are able to come full circle, and be grateful that the words within hymns are actually poignant.