Not everyone is the same. Some people enjoy spending more money than they need to. These people live to throw away coupons and refuse to use rebates. "Overpriced is good" is their mantra. Then you have larger majority of the population that would really prefer not to overspend. For them, there is hypermilling. Hypermilling is simply using techniques to get to save gas and get the most mileage out of their car. Some are common sense and easy to learn while other hypermiling techniques can be a bit extreme. You can choose the hypermilling techniques that you want and save gas without adopting drastic changes to your driving habits. You might not get 1200 miles from a tank in a Prius (yes, it was done by a hypermiling fanatic) but you will save gas, save a little bit of money, and help save the planet.

Some of the easiest hypermilling techniques can begin before you ever leave the house. If you are not taking your bike along with you then don't take the bike rack. It just works like a small sail while you are driving and creates drag working against you to reduce your gas mileage. Next, open your truck and take all those unnecessary weights out. Too many of us carry around things in the trunk that serve no other purpose than to weigh the car down. Now check your tire pressure. Low tire pressure practically drinks gas. Some people will say to over inflate the tires to improve mileage. It does do that but you lose traction and you wear out the tires faster. $800 in new tires is quite a few tanks of gas.

There is quite a laundry list of things to do when driving. As stated, different hypermilling techniques will work for different people. First, leave early as rushing causes you to accelerate too fast and burn more gas. Now once you get going keep going. It cost you money to speed up so when you brake you are just throwing it away. Keep to the speed limit. Forget about that whole "turn off your car and coast." Yes, it could save gas but only up to the point when you are run over by a semi because your power steering could not function properly and get you out of the way. That is simply unsafe hypermilling.

A last point is idling. You are burning gas (granted, not much) just sitting there. Avoid drive-thu's or high volume time at gas stations. Speaking of refueling, try to avoid the heat of the day as well.

When it comes to hypermilling techniques it come down to what gas saving tips seem sane to you. Do you only want to make right turns in the city? Do you want to search for routes with windbreaks when driving in a cross wind? These more advanced techniques may seem a bit excessive to most of you, but anyone can use at least a few of these simple hypermiling techniques to improve the gas efficiency of your automobile.