Dermatalogical Laser (30313)

IPL Laser treatment is becoming more popular as a treatment to smooth and even skintones, reduce age spots, for rosacea and spider veins and to smooth the appearance of skin. It may also be used to help remove existing patches of hyperpigmentation on the skin. However, on occasion, hyperpigmentation can also occur as a result of the IPL treatment, where the light has been too severe, causing the skin to burn, leaving unattractive burn marks, which look like brown patches of skin.

Hyperpigmentation after IPL:

If you have used IPL to remove these patches of dark skin:

(Or in the removal of 'sun spots'), you can usually expect the dark patches to become slightly darker in the first instance. Your practitioner should have explained to you that this is normal and not a cause for concern. It can often look like what is described as 'coffee grounds' on your skin. The reason it does not disappear straight away is that these darker pigment patches are often located lower down in the dermis. It usually takes 4-10 days for these patches, once they have been broken down by the IPL, to come to the surface and gently flake away and disappear.

If you have developed hyperpigmentation after IPL for another treatment:

(Known asPost-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation), as a result of over-treatment, then the first thing to do is to treat the area as a burn and apply a good antibiotic cream for a few days. Aloe Vera gel is another great treatment for burns. Whatever you do, do not go back for more treatment until healed – and then – be sure to understand how you came to be burnt in the first place – be sure you have faith in your practitioner to continue any further treatments.

The good news is your Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation should fade in a few months if left alone. If you have fair skin, you have a better chance of this healing quickly. Black or Asian skins take longer to heal and should always seek professional advice after being burnt from IPL, as scarring may take longer to heal and be more problematic.

SkinCeuticals Phyto Plus Hyperpigementation Gel - Review

If the hyperpigmentation after IPL does not seem to be fading once the initial burn has healed, go and see your doctor or dermatologist for a course of hydroquinone or kojic acid. You may wish to read my review of SkinCeuticals Phyto Plus, which is a hyperpigmentation treatment that contains kojic acid and is available from specialist beauty retailers. You can also shop online for a range of hyperpigmentation treatments to suit all budgets.

IPL can be really beneficial for a number of things, from laser hair removal to facial rejuvenation. However, as with all such treatments, be sure to take professional advice, know your dermatologist or beauty therapist's skills and make sure they are using the right laser treatment for you. If you are unhappy, go back and seek to resolve it with them, and if that is unsuccessful, seek a second opinion.

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