You may have heard that hypnosis for weight loss can help you to lose weight. Are you feeling skeptical? You should be. While it is true that weight loss hypnosis has helped some people lose weight, there are also many others who have failed. If you are investigating hypnotic techniques to help you lose weight, give up any thoughts that you can just plug in a pair of headphones and listen to a hypnosis CD to auto-magically lose weight. It just does not work that way.

Weight Loss Is Not Your Primary Goal

So what is the difference between those who successfully lose weight using hypnosis and those who failed? There are usually three main reasons. The first and biggest reason is that it is not an important enough goal. If you were to list down all your short term and long term goals in your life, then rank these goals in priority, where does weight loss stand? Is it in position number one? Or is it in position number two? Number 4 or 5? Number 10? Or somewhere near the end at position number 99?

If your goal of weight loss is not in position number one, or a close second place, you do not stand a chance no matter what you do. You can try every miracle exercise, every miracle weight loss diet, every miracle hypnosis for weight loss technique, even surgery, and nothing will work for long, if it ever showed any results at all.

This is a very common case for people where this weight loss goal is externally imposed. For example, a student whose primary goal is to get his straight A's to qualify for a scholarship is not going to lose weight just because his parents tell him he is getting too fat. A young lawyer working his way to a full partnership at his law firm is not going to reset his priorities in life just because he envies his ex-classmates who look tanned and fit like models at his class reunion. Hypnosis for weight loss cannot work miracles. It will not work unless you really want it to work.

On the other hand, if your long term goal at position number one is to get a promotion to department head, and your short term goal at position number two is to lose 5 pounds for the family reunion dinner next month, using hypnosis for weight loss can help. It can temporarily push your short term number two goal into first position for a month, long enough to help you achieve it. Many people find that once weight loss becomes their primary goal, they start finding opportunities to get more exercise and eat more healthy meals.

Don't like it? Too bad. It cannot be helped. This is just how people are wired. Even the more risky hypnosis for weight loss techniques where you anchor the thought of eating to some unpleasant sensation, or where you get yourself hypnotized to reduce your appetite will not work long when becoming thinner is not a priority for you. Sooner rather than later your subconscious mind will find some way to get around it. Maybe you will get less exercise, maybe you will find yourself eating something else, or maybe you will pick up a new bad habit. One way or another any gains you make will be erased by some new problem cropping up.

Some Major Psychological Issue Is Blocking You

Even when losing weight is your highest priority, it is still possible to fail when there is some psychological issue blocking you. One such pernicious issue is stress. Quite a number of people with high-stress lifestyles find themselves eating more and more and more. The need to cope with their stress trumps their goal of losing weight, even with the help of hypnosis. People in such situations will need to find alternative means of reducing their stress before they can lose weight. If you are already consulting a hypnotherapist to get hypnosis for weight loss treatments, he should be able to hypnotize you to help you cope better with the stress.

But if you are using a self help technique, for example a weight loss hypnosis CD, you may need to add another technique for stress reduction. Two of the simplest techniques for Westerners are progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) and autogenics. You can learn them for free on the internet - there are many websites which describe both these techniques in great detail. Many people find great relief from stress just by practicing the basic steps once or twice daily. When you have reduced the general feeling of stress and anxiety in your life, you will find that hypnosis for weight loss starts working for you. You will start finding time to exercise and you will start to gain control over your appetites and eating habits.

Of course there are simpler and faster methods to get rid of general stress. You can buy one of many available guided relaxation or meditation CDs, or self hypnosis for relaxation CDs, or binaural beat relaxation CDs. You can also find cheaper MP3 files which you can buy and download from the internet. There are even computer programs that can help to put you into a light trance where your stress will just melt away. All of these tools work for at least some people. If a particular relaxation method fails for you, try another. A very good way to increase the effectiveness of whichever self hypnosis for weight loss technique you are using is to apply it after you finish your relaxation exercise. The effects become synergistic. Not only do you become more relaxed, your ability to lose weight is greatly enhanced.

Unfortunately, not all psychological issues are so easily resolved. Some, like a major depressive episode, need medical or professional psychological intervention. But in general, if you can identify what your specific mental block is, you can do an internet search for an economical self-help solution. Once you get a handle on your specific problem, your hypnosis for weight loss will start becoming effective.

You Want To Lose Weight, But There Is Psychological Reversal

A third major reason why many people fail even when they use hypnosis for weight loss is because of psychological reversal. Depending on which school of self help you follow, you may have heard of it under different names. Basically, although you say you want to lose weight, your subconscious mind disagrees with you. One common manifestation of this effect is a feeling of disbelief that you can successfully lose weight. Another common manifestation is the "But ..." symptom. "I want to lose weight but I don't have time." "I want to lose weight but I can never find healthy food to eat." "I want to lose weight but all the effective weight loss diets are just too complicated." "I want to lose weight but ... "

There are many other symptoms and manifestations of psychological reversal, but for most people they come in the form of negative self talk. Any thoughts of losing weight, even when introduced through weight loss hypnosis, is accompanied by some critical or disparaging thought - "I want to lose weight but ... ", "I always fail to lose weight because ... ", "If I lose weight then I have to do ... ", etc. Dr Shad Helmstetter describe this issue in great depth in his book "Self Talk". The language is accessible even to laymen, the book is cheap and is available at Amazon or his own website. He does not just describe the problem, he even prescribes the use of some specific positive self talk to counteract the effects of these negative self talk.

He has created some CD sets which neutralizes various common forms of psychological reversal. Other mental researchers have also created their own material based on his discoveries. Since all of these self talk CDs can be rather expensive, you may want to create your own. In fact, Dr Helmstetter even recommends and teaches this technique in his first book. If you follow this route, try combining it with self hypnosis to help your subconscious mind accept the suggestions more easily. It need not be self hypnosis per se. You can just perform a relaxation exercise like progressive muscle relaxation to put your mind into a relaxed state (which some hypnotism researchers consider to be a form of hypnotic trance), then read the positive self talk aloud to yourself.

Yet another option is to practice both auto hypnosis for weight loss together with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). The entire EFT school of thought is to target and get rid of very specific problems, dealing with subsidiary issues and psychological reversal along the way. So you would use your weight loss hypnosis to install your goal into your subconscious, and use EFT to clear away anything blocking your weight loss goal. Fortunately, EFT is both easy and free to learn from its website.

So these are the three major reasons why many people fail to lose weight, and why not even hypnosis for weight loss can help. So once you can put your weight loss goal as your first priority, get rid of any psychological factors blocking you, and get rid of any psychological reversal contrary to your goal, losing weight becomes easy.