Losing weight is about controlling your mind first, not your stomach. You need your subconscious mind to lose weight and avoid fatty foods first, before your conscious mind even starts to do what you want.

Your subconscious mind looks after your day-to-day habits, good or bad, and most of your activities in a way you can barely imagine. You know how you get up in the morning and brush your teeth or go to the bathroom almost without thinking. Then you might drive to work almost without having to consider the road, how to operate the car - it's just become a subsconscious memory. That's what hypnosis for weight loss is about. It's about creating healthy eating choices and habits in your subconscious first - so that if you do feel hungry, the first thing you'll want to do is reach for that apple or oatmeal bar before you think about the bacon and cheese sandwich or telephone number for the local pizza delivery place.

Relax your way to thin ~ Hypnosis Weight loss motivation

The Beverly Hills Hynopsis: "Relax Your Way To Thin: Weight Loss Motivation" is a clunky long title for a popular hypnosis method of weight loss. You won't need tasteless protein shakes or expensive personal trainers or nutritionists. Relax Your Way to Thin! Hypnosis Weight Loss Motivation is available as an audio CD or book or Mp3 download.

The Audio CD or Mp3 form of "Relax Your Way To Thin" is most effective as it requires virtually no effort on your part except to press play. The idea is to put on the hypnosis CD on, sit back, close your eyes, relax and let yourself go into a trance-like state as the narrator talks to your self conscious and teaches it to make eating and lifestyle choices that suit your real goals - your goals of losing weight, becoming healthier and getting your energy and self-confidence back.

They suggest using it for 21 consecutive days for full effectiveness. The actual user reviews for Relax Your Way to Thin! Hypnosis Weight Loss Motivation have been nothing short of incredible. People have described losing 17 pounds, going to bed, relaxed and much more calm and serene. They have found themselves waking up in the morning feeling committed to eating well, only buying healthy food at the grocery store and making time for exercise. There are reports of a decrease in emotional eating - such as eating if you're bored, feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. The audio CD contains strong imagery - such as imagining yourself at a social situation and making the right food choice, or in the local store and picking out the healthy foods only, and imaging your ideal body shape and the confidence that goes with it.

If you want to lose weight and other methods haven't worked for you, try to make the change at the very basic level - the subsconscious level first - it's worth giving hypnosis for weight loss a try - it may well change your life.