Pain Free Birthing

Hypnosis has been a process that has been used for the treatment of pain and behavior for over a century. It has been used to treat a variety of conditions ranging from conditions that are as mild as insomnia to as serious as surgery. What few people realize, however, is that hypnosis can also be used during the process of childbirth with much success.

The mere mention of labor and delivery to an expectant mother can be enough to make her heart race with anxiety. She knows that the day will come when she will lose all control over her body and have to content with an enormous amount of pain. This is especially true if she has decided to go through the entire process naturally, without the use of prescription drugs or anesthesia. But the process doesn't have to be traumatic. In fact, mothers who use hypnosis for birth often less anxiety and a more pleasant birthing experience.

Unfortunately, there are a few misconceptions about hypnosis for childbirth. Hypnosis has been portrayed as a pseudo-science by the media and not the therapeutic science that is actually has become. This stereotype is often perpetuated by stage magicians and television shows that use hypnosis for its entertainment value. This causes people to overlook the fact that hypnosis is used in a clinical or professional manner all the time. Hypnosis is commonly used in doctor and dentist offices all the time and with great success. Hypnosis for childbirth is no different.

Before we discuss the benefits of hypnosis for birth, let's talk about some of the other misconceptions that exists out there and tell you exactly what hypnosis involves. The first misconception is that another person hypnotizes you against your will. This is not the case at all. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and the therapists is only there to assist the patient in achieving a state of self-hypnosis. Another misconception is that everyone can be hypnotized. Though approximately ninety to ninety-five percent of the population can be hypnotized, there are a small percent of the population that can't due to unwillingness to engage in the process or the belief that the process will not work.

Another huge misconception about hypnosis for birth, or any form of hypnosis for that matter, is that only weak-minded individuals can be hypnotised. This is completely wrong. In fact, strong minded individuals are easier to hypnotise than weak minded individuals. This is because the person must willing engage in the process. This is true whether the person is using the hypnosis for a dental procedure or using hypnosis for childbirth.

Hypnosis for birth is used with great effect by patients who have allergies to anesthetics. This allows the patients to undergo various procedures with no pain and no risk of complications from anesthesia. The human brain can be trained to experience pain and discomfort as only pressure, and that is exactly what is attained by using hypnosis for childbirth. It also allows the mother to be more relaxed during the birthing process, which allows her to achieve a even greater level of comfort.

Hypnosis for birth, like other forms of hypnosis, involves by-passing the conscious mind in order to reprogram the subconscious mind for the desired effect. This is attained by using guided visualizations reinforced by positive hypnotic suggestions. Using this method allows the mind to be reprogrammed to believe that the birthing process will be easy, comfortable and free of pain.

Other benefits of using hypnosis for childbirth include the following:

Hypnosis for ChildbirthPatients Have A Shorter Labor-Patients who use hypnosis for childbirth often have labors that are much shorter than patients who don't use hypnosis. This is because the resistance of the muscles involved in the process are able to respond better because pain has been eliminated or minimized.

Less Mental Fatigue-Women who use hypnosis for childbirth often are less drained mentally and able to enjoy total relaxation during the process.

Better Birth Environment-Hypnosis for birth allows the mother to be relaxed, and as a result is better for the baby. The baby is able to enter the world in a calmer, lower stress environment.

Babies Are Better Sleepers-There are numerous studies which state that hypnosis for birth often has a beneficial effect on the infant. Babies born under hypnosis for birth are often better sleepers and nursers due to the lowered amount of drugs in their system.h