Why Hypnosis for Weight Loss?

Hypnosis for weight loss is a measure that some people take when their attempts at the conventional methods of dropping the pounds fail.  While many consider hypnosis a drastic step to take in order to control their weight, studies have shown that with a proper treatment plan combined with usual weight control habits, hypnosis can have a positive influence in curbing the obesity curve.

Conventional Weight Loss Methods

Three things are vitally important in the battle to lose fat.  First, strength training must be incorporated.  Strength training tears down muscle and later rebuilds it right back.  This allows the body to burn calories both during exercise and while at rest.  In addition, proper resistance training must be a part of the routine.  Resistance training pushes the body to burn more calories, and continuing to safely add more resistance to a program keeps the body from adjusting and becoming complacent to an exercise.

Secondly, cardiovascular exercise must be done.  This can include jogging, cycling, working on an elliptical machine, etc. as long as the heart is beating at an appropriate level.  Cardio work is a great way to burn lots of calories in short bursts.  If it is done 4-5 times per week, 30 minutes at a time, it can be very beneficial.

Lastly, a healthy, low calorie diet is a must when it comes to losing weight.  If less calories are allowed in the body, the easier it is to lose calories.  In fact, finding foods that are great at actually helping you burn fat are easy ways to help your body along.

Can Hypnosis Really Help Shed the Pounds?

But what if someone has tried those three things without positive results?  Can hypnosis actually help lose weight?  You might be surprised. 

A study done at Vanderbilt University suggests that while hypnosis alone cannot be relied upon to produce the desired weight loss objectives, it can be beneficial if used in conjunction with strength training, cardio exercise, and a healthy diet.

The Mayo Clinic has also published on their website that there is validity to the idea that hypnosis can have a positive impact on meaningful fat loss if other steps, such as those above, are taken.

What Cautions Should be Taken with Hypnosis?

If you are ready to step out there and try to lose weight with the help of hypnosis, there are a few things to be careful of.

  • Talk things over with your doctor.  This applies to just about every weight loss program you could possibly be considering.  A doctor will give you his or her professional opinion, and it is up to you as to what you do with that opinion.  If a doctor is in favor of hypnosis, he or she may be able to refer you to a qualified provider.
  • There is still a lot of research being done regarding hypnosis and weight loss.  The jury is still out as to whether or not hypnosis can effectively help someone lose weight.  While it has shown positive signs in some labs, it is still not a proven method of dropping pounds.

  • Hypnosis is not a guarantee.  Just like other alternative methods to losing weight, you will not have guaranteed results with hypnosis.

Worth a Shot

Still, there are signals that hypnosis can be used to help people lose weight.  If you have tried traditional means of dropping the weight, and still have trouble with obesity, using hypnosis for weight loss is worth a shot.