Being aware of the great benefits of hypnosis we have now accepted it as an alternative therapy to treat and correct lot of our common problems.
Contrary to the once established common belief, modern hypnosis sessions do not apply the pendulum or gold watch to induce hypnotic state on a subject.
Furthermore, during any hypnosis session, the hypnotherapist can never control your mind, as it is mistakenly believed. In hypnosis session, no matter in how deep hypnosis state you are in, the hypnotherapist or hypnotist cannot make you do things against your will. This is one of the major reasons that worries lot of us and prevents us from visiting a hypnotherapist.

If you get the right insight of what happens during hypnosis session, you will certainly benefit from hypnosis. During a hypnosis session the expert will just reach deep into your mind, to your subconscious mind, where he will start suggesting your subconscious mind your pre-identified goal.
In hypnosis session the person undergoing the process is called the 'subject'. For convenience, we assume here that you are the subject and you want to solve one of your problems like, you have to address an audience and you lack the confidence to do that. Here your target is identified as have to speak confidently at the gathering.

The process of hypnosis session is not complicated. Once you have made up your mind for using hypnosis to solve your problem you are ready for the hypnosis session. This is the basic essentiality without it no hypnotherapist can get you into hypnosis state or sleep. He will talk to you about your issue and will explain you the steps he would take in the hypnosis session.
Under controlled environmental conditions he would start the hypnosis session. During the hypnosis session, once he gets you into the desired state of hypnosis you will be in a sleep like state where your conscious mind plays very little role.
In other words, your conscious mind is made less alert than the subconscious mind. This is the height of hypnosis session. Your subconscious mind is now highly receptive to suggestions. The expert will start suggesting (in your assumed case, alleviating the fear of audience) that you don't have to worry about anything and you would speak with full confidence before the audience, and so on.
Once he gets satisfied with this stage of hypnosis session, he would go to the 'awakening' step. When you are fully awake, a feeling of deep relaxation and serenity will be experienced. You will feel elevated and what you had been feeling before about the speech will be different now. You will feel as your negative or discouraging thoughts about the speech have vanished and you got the desired confidence and courage to deliver your speech properly.

Unlike the ancient times when pendulum or some other means were used to induce hypnosis sleep, no such hypnosis inducing tools are used now. How the hypnosis sleep is induced depends on the choice of the hypnotherapist. How long hypnosis session will last and how many hypnosis sessions will be needed, all depends on the prevailing conditions and your response to each hypnosis session. Likewise, the cost of hypnosis session will depend on the area and the hypnotherapist.