Enjoying Pain Free Labor Through Hypno Birthing

The anticipation of a new life can be an exciting journey in the lives of new parents. From the earliest stages of the expectant mother's pregnancy until the moment of birth, the process of introducing a new member into the family can be both magical and miraculous. Despite the joy that many expectant mothers feel when awaiting their new arrivals, many feel anxiety over the childbirth experience. Many first time mothers are afraid of the unknown and unsure of whether they will be able to handle the pain of labor. Other veteran moms may feel nervous about repeating previous negative birth experiences and dread repeating the process.

A little known birthing technique, hypnotherapy birthing, takes the fear and anxiety out of the natural childbirth experience. The hypno birthing process helps mothers find internal energy that will allow them to manage the pain of childbirth and experience a more positive birth experience. Hypnotherapy birthing allows the mother to use her own mental resources to calm her fears and allow her body to perform the natural function of childbirth. Guided by a hypnotherapist, the hypnomom, as she is commonly called, trains her body to perceive pain as a mild sensation rather than a painful one. Through guided imagery, she transforms her mind to a peaceful state, which in turn allows her body to relax. This lessens the discomfort of childbirth, allowing for a more positive experience.

Hypnotherapy BirthingIt is commonly believed that part of the pain associated with childbirth stems from the fear of the unknown. In other cultures, women give birth in the company of other supportive women, without excessive medical interventions. This allows her to approach the birthing process as a natural function, instead of viewing it with anxiety and trepidation. During labor, the fearful mother tenses her body instead of relaxing it, causing more pain. This pain causes more tension, which in turn leads to a cycle of fear and pain. This cycle can lead to unnecessary medical interventions, increased need for medication an increase in cesarean birth. Hypno birthing alleviates these risks.

The hypno birthing process begins when the expectant parents meet with their hypnosis guide who will thoroughly describe to them what they will expect during the birth process. This education will give the mother an idea of what will occur, thus removing some of the mystery that accompanies the fear of birth.

During this pre-labor hypnotherapy birthing training, the mother will learn how to turn on her body's own form of anesthesia. This natural pain medicine is just as effective as any artificial solution, and is safer for both mom and baby. During the actual labor and delivery, the hypno birthing mother is able to enjoy a virtually pain-free labor, and experience a calm, peaceful process.

Hypnotherapy birthing is used in all types of birthing scenarios; from home births to hospital births. It has been used by first time mothers and those who are giving birth to their fifth child. Hypno birthing can be used in conjunction with other methods such as Lamaze or Bradley technique, water birthing and medicated birthing. Mothers who use hypnotherapy birthing report shorter labors, little to no pain and quicker recovery time. In addition, mothers who use hypnotherapy birthing have babies who are born with no drugs in their system, making them more alert and receptive to breastfeeding.

For many expectant mothers, what should be an experience of joy and miraculous wonder turns into a nightmare of pain, fear and suffering. This does not have to be. By using the techniques in hypno birthing, mothers can remember their birth process with joy. They will look back on their hypno birthing process with the knowledge that they were able to guide their body seamlessly through the natural event of birth. For the mother that wants to experience birth as the joyous process that nature intended, there is no better way to bring a new life into the world than through hypnotherapy birthing.