Hypnotherapy and the Transgender Woman

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     Are you transitioning from male to female and want to feminize yourself in any way possible? There are courses in makeup, hair, style, walking and talking like a woman. You can read a lot of books and attend a lot of movies in your quest for the most helpful feminization secrets. Some of them will work for you, and some of them won’t; it’s up to you to figure out which ones are worth your time.  There is one method of feminization that I would like to discuss, and it involves changing you from the inside rather than the outside. It is called Feminization Hypnosis and can help you connect with your inner woman in the following ways.

  • Relax: Hypnotherapy will help you relax into yourself and become more comfortable with who you are. Having a period of relaxation at least once a week can help you and your body adjust to the changes that are happening as you transition.
  • Your mind: Hypnotherapy helps reprogram your mind and body so you can effortlessly express yourself as a woman. It can help to unlock your inner woman and bring her to the surface of your being.
  • Eliminate: Hypnotherapy will eliminate those masculine habits that are preventing you from passing as a woman.
  • Confidence: Hypnotherapy helps you gain confidence in the way you carry yourself in public; further emphasizing your femininity.
  • Feel: You will feel more like a woman every time you have a feminization hypnosis session; making you feel more sensual and connected to your body.
  • Radiate: You will begin to radiate femininity naturally and not have that “forced femininity” look that some of us get when we first start out.
  • Open: Hypnotherapy can sometimes open up your mind and thoughts to embrace your true female self that you have been waiting so long to explore.
  • Inner strength: Hypnotherapy can help you build that inner strength that you are going to need so badly while transitioning.
  • Thicker skin: You will be able to develop a thicker skin and not be so affected by the insults leveled at you as a transgender person.

     There are so many ways feminization hypnosis can benefit you and your journey towards womanhood. It is a most often overlooked method of feminization that does not involve hormones and surgery. It is all natural, pain free and the use of drugs is not required. The hardest part in your journey is going to be feminizing your mind and undo all the damage living as a prisoner in a male body has done to you. Consider it just another arrow in your quiver of femininity; sharpening your style and helping you become the woman that you are!

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