Using hypnosis to help with weight loss is a common reason why people visit hypnotherapists. Recently some hypnotherapists have started to incorporate a new idea into the methods they have successfully used for years.

As gastric band surgery has become more popular as a form of weight loss for morbid obesity so hypnotic gastric bands have also become more popular.

There is a specific procedure called Hypno-Band weight loss (TM) but other hypnotherapists use their own interpretation of gastric band surgery in their programmes.

In gastric band hypnotherapy the hypnotist takes the client through a hypnotic "operation" and gives suggestions that they have had a gastric band fitted so they lose weight more easily. This is not the only procedure involved though.

As with the majority of hypnosis sessions for weight loss there will also be a discussion around healthy eating, exercise and the reasons why the client is currently overweight. These are important factors in weight loss however it is achieved. Gastric band surgery doesn't mean that you can continue eating the same type of food and the same amounts as you were before the surgery and it's the same with the hypnotic version.

Whilst there are exceptions, such as physical issues like thyroid problems, polycystic ovaries and food intolerances, excess weight is usually due to an unhealthy attitude to food choices and exercise. The unhealthy attitude could be using food to relieve unwanted emotions such as unhappiness or boredom, it could be poor self esteem or it could be a dislike of healthy foods.

By addressing those attitudes people often find it is then second nature to choose healthy foods and to have the motivation to exercise. Once that attitude has been changed eating healthily and exercising no longer feels like a miserable existence but can be either enjoyed or at least tolerated as a necessary part of life. There will also be the added benefit of feeling much happier because the unhappiness due to being overweight will be replaced by happiness at achieving successfully lost weight.

So, if you are thinking about hypnotherapy for weight loss you could have a hypnotic gastric band or you could go down the traditional route of weight loss hypnotherapy. Either way will give you the starting point for thinking about food, exercise and yourself differently to allow you to lose weight and then maintain a healthy weight rather than the constant yo-yo dieting that many people consign themselves to year after year.