For the last few decades the martini has been a very popular drink and it remains a popular drink today. A great place to drink martinis and sample new recipes are the ever popular martini bars. In this article we are going to give you a brief overview of some of our favorite martini bars.

The Martini BarMartini Drink

If you are in Chicago you may want to try The Martini Bar. They claim to have the widest variety of martinis served in the downtown area. One of the features I like about this bar is their martini of the month. For instance the September drink of the month is the cosmopolitan. This is a cool mixture of Skyy citrus vodka, triple sec, and cranberry juice with a lemon twist.

Some other favorites they serve are the peppermint martini, the watermelon martini, a hot and spicy Cajun martini, and a chocolaty treat the snickertini, and yes it comes with a snickers bar.

Sunset Place Martini Bar

If you are in Miami you can always check out the Sunset Place martini bar. This martini bar is a restaurant bar and nightclub and yes they have dancing. They serve many different drinks and also have a drink of the month contest. A couple unique martinis they feature are the pairtini. Which features Absolut pear vodka, triple sec, apple pucker, and sour mix with a splash of tonic.

Two additional signature martinis include the zensational which is; Skyy melon vodka, Plymouth gin, zen green tea liquor, and sour mix garnished with fresh cucumber. And my favorite personal pick me up the orange bull martini. This simple drink is Grey Goose orange vodka, triple sac and Red Bull.


If you're in Utah feel free to check out Kristauf's. They have all of the traditional martinis and they give you your choice of vodka or gin with all the popular brands. They also serve it your way from dry, to very dirty, to bruised. And you choose your own garnish from pimento stuffed olives, to blue cheese stuffed olives, to cherry bombs.

Besides creating your own unique martini they have some creative signature drinks as well. They have a Palm Springs martini which consists of Stoli Blueberi, triple sec, pomegranate juice, and a splash of cranberry and sour. They also have a chocolaty Godiva martini. And they feature the bloody Marti, and the emperor's blood, which are both variations of the bloody Mary.

I enjoy traveling and checking out different martini bars. I like the food the people and the atmosphere. Plus each venue I visite has unique recipes and their own signature drinks. If you enjoy good food, and drinks, and good conversation, then you may enjoy finding your own favorite martini bars.

Martini Bars can be great for a night out. But if you want to make that perfect drink at home you will need a stainless steel martini shaker or a retro martini shaker.