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I'm A Celebrity............. Get Me Out Of Here!!

A new series of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, or as I shall call it for short IACGMOOH, kicked off in the UK around the middle of November 2009. At the time of writing this article, the show has only been on British television for a few days. As a person who generally abhors reality television, I cannot understand just why I have begun watching the current series. Perhaps it is down to the show's scheduling in general but, whatever it is, I seem to be getting hooked on this season's show.

What is I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, UK?

I'm A Celebrity is shown in various forms around the world. The UK show takes 12 willing, celebrity volunteers and whisks them off into the jungle, usually some obscure part of Australia. The celebrities are often the type that have been famous or infamous in the past, sometimes there are has-beens and also there are usually some current celebrities.

One time singing duo, but these days' presenters, Ant and Dec, host the show. These two young guys are likeable and popular in the UK. In so many ways, they are the perfect hosts for this show. They definitely add some fun and humour.

The show usually tries to have the odd surprise which this year was Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan, appearing after the other contestants had arrived. Katie has been in this jungle show before and it was where she met her husband Peter Andre. However, 6 years down the road, they are in the middle of a messy divorce. Katie has said that she wanted to go into the jungle again as part of closing her relationship with Peter. Maybe, but then again, it could simply have been to try and court some good publicity, as the British public seem to have been more sympathetic and supportive of Peter, than her.

This year's 12 are:-

Lucy Benjamin, actress

Gino D'Acampo, celebrity chef

Camilla Dallerup, ballroom dancer

Sam Fox, ex page three girl

George Hamilton, actor

Stuart Manning

Colin McAllister, designer

Justin Ryan

Sabrina Washingto, designern, singer

Jimmy White, snooker player

Kim Woodburn, presenter

On Wednesday 18th November 2009, it was revealed that Camilla Dallerup was leaving the show. As a very slender person, it was said that she had little natural reserves to fall back on and, as food was becoming scarce, she had to leave for the sake her health. Personally, I would think that IACGMOOH was probably nothing like she expected. In so many ways it is a tough contest and not for the fainthearted.

She was hastily replaced with ex British World boxer Joe Bugner. In fact, the transition was so hasty I almost wondered if this was the plan all along. Maybe though, they just had understudies waiting in the wings, so to speak.

The contest begins.

The first week of IACGMOOH has been all about the contestants being settled in and the public deciding whom they will be rooting for. Each night there has been a vote for who will have to endure a jungle trial the next day. These Bushtucker Trials can be very gruelling and, it makes it all the more strange, as these celebrities have voluntered for this show.

Much to Katie Price's surprise, the public have voted for her for each of the first three trials. These may include being covered with slime and cockroaches, eating strange foods such as an animal's testicles, cooked of course, or having to undertake gruelling physical activity. One or two of the contestants have been excluded from the vote, at times, due to health problems. Unless Katie can turn around public opinion of her, it looks like she will be completing the tasks alone. Perhaps the members of the public who vote are Katie haters, in which case it would seem that she is doomed.

Each of these tasks involves winning stars, which will decide how much food the camp receives to eat that day. Obviously then there is a lot of pressure to win through. Wednesday night's trial was carried out in front of the other contestants so at least they could see just what Katie has been going through.

There are additional trails, when a couple are selected to take part and win some extra supplies. These are usually less severe and sometimes quite funny.

The ultimate winner of the whole contest receives a cash amount and the show helps swell the coffers of a charity.

In Closing

Recommended viewing?

IACGMOOH is not usually a very protracted event. Within a couple of weeks, the contest will end. As the show progresses the voting public will decide who is evicted and who will ultimately win the IACGMOH crown.

The show involves many gruesome Bushtucker Trials and it can make for stomach churning viewing at times. I guess it is watching Celebrities squirm that is the most addictive part of the show. Seeing glamorous individuals covered in slime, and more, is somewhat satisfying.

This year contestants such as Kim Woodburn are bringing plenty of humour to the show. As part of the How Clean Is Your Home duo Kim is certainly a larger than life character.

Tune in casually if you want a little harmless fun or if it is your ideal show watch IACGMOOH's sister show on ITV2. The main show is one ITV around 8.30pm each evening although timings do vary.

Oh, and why the title of the show?

If the contest, or one of the trials, becomes an impossible task, each celebrity has the right to shout out I'm A Celebrity Get Met Out Of Here and voila it will be done.