IAH, or Houston Intercontinental Airport, is a huge airport that caters to business travelers and vacationers from all over the world. The world-class airport is so large it is practically its own city! IAH is the international notation for George Bush International Airport. When airlines book flights to the city of Houston's international airport, they code in IAH as the location code.

Houston mapMajor international and some domestic airlines fly into IAH every day, 24 hours a day. They are located north of Houston, between state highway 59, and the Hardy Toll Road. It is easy to find, and interesting to see. Only one Texas airport is bigger, DFW Airport in the Dallas Fort Worth area is the only larger airport in the state. It is also an international airport serving the needs of northern Texas citizens.

The airport sports many shops and restaurants as well as very comfortable waiting areas if you are traveling from IAH to destinations outside of the city. The beautiful ambiance is state of the art, and security is taken very seriously. George Bush Airport served more than 40 million people in 2009. That made the airport the eighth busiest in the nation.

Homeland Security

Homeland security patrols the airport through all operations. They are at the gates, and where passengers go through the metal detectors. There are also homeland security officers throughout the entire airport, some uniformed and some are in civilian clothes. These members of the airport staff get their guidance and instructions from the Federal Homeland Security department in Washington.

In honor of our 41st President of the United States and self-proclaimed Texan, the Houston Intercontinental Airport has been Renamed the George Bush Airport. What an honor it is to have your name included in such a grand airport in the fourth largest city in the country. President Bush is the first of two generations of his family to serve our country as President. His son, George W. Bush was the 44th President.

Foodie IAH

There are food court areas throughout the airport in case you are hungry and have a little time to spare

before your flight. There are foodie, nouveau restaurants, and there are, ofWendy's IAH

course, Starbucks. You can grab a burger at Wendy's or get a snack around the airport terminals. Gift shops are also everywhere throughout the airport. Just in case you need to grab a souvenir before you leave, no problem! There are many shops for that, and for books, magazines, and other periodicals too!

Skyview of IAH

George Bush Airport, (IAH) is impressive, too! From the air, the view is remarkable. It is so big that they even have maps for the general public to

IAH Terminal map

view and follow to get to the right terminal. No worries, though, even if you don't have a map, the roads are clearly marked and easy to navigate. You'll be just fine with or without that map.

SkylightIf you have to fly into the United States, and know that you're going to arrive safely, then IAH is a great place to come into. If you are a Texan, come on up and check out the airport. Regardless, IAH is a safe and secure airport that is designed for convenience and expedience. The airport is beautiful and state of the art, and the state of Texas, and city of Houston cannot be beat for friendliness, either!


Surrounding the airport you will find convenient car rental companies ready to get you moving through the city. If you are going to leave from IAH, you can park inexpensively in external parking facilities and shuttle into the airport. This is a great convenience, and because there is a lot of competition, the rates are quite low.