A Holiday in Ibiza is not just about clubs

For some the idea of a Family holiday on the Spanish Isle of Ibiza can bring visions of your worst nightmare, the all night clubs with the drunken yobs could not be at the top of most families.

Before you dismiss the idea let me introduce you to the South East resorts of Santa Eulalia and

Cala Llonga,

At Santa Eulalia I would suggest taking a quiet table at one of the many bars that are located around the Marina, Heaven for some would be a cold beer a good book and just let the world go by watching the array of boats coming and leaving the marina


Just along the sandy beach you will find the Sea bus that goes into Ibiza town on the half hour every hour from 10.30 am until 15.30 and again returning on the half hour until 16.30,

For the very reasonable cost of 16 euros will possibly be the best value you will experience while on Holiday, the small vessel stops at the small resort of Cala Llonga to drop off and pick up more passengers.

The journey takes just over one hour and is very and pleasurable, the very charming crew once out at sea will bring drinks around for the very good price of 1 Euro.

Once the boat arrives at the Port of Ibiza the most amazing view if the difference between the Old and New Town, The new part is exactly what you would imagine with an abundance of bars, shops and restaurants.

At this point I would suggest that you journey left towards the old part of town, before you start the long walk up the steps to the castle I would suggest a well deserved beer to set you on your way.

Moving towards the steps there is a small park with an inviting bench, but any thoughts of a relaxing moment are taken away by the statue of an elderly man resting.

Once you have beaten the steps the view is well worth while, looking over Ibiza and the impressive harbour, the small vessels and Ferries show how important the harbour still is to this small Island.

The journey back down the steps is far more relaxing as you work your way over the cobbles that have served road for hundreds of years.

So if your destination is to the Islands of Spain don't be put off by the reputation of Clubs and drunken Teenagers just enjoy a beautiful island and the history that it offers.

Once back at the harbour the sea bus will be leaving to end a beautiful Day all for the small cost of


16 Euros return