The ILBE (Improved Load Bearing Equipment) backpack used by the US military is a versatile piece of equipment was originally a conception of the Marine Corps.

This pack system makes it more comfortable for the wearer to carry the plethora of equipment is required in a combat situation. Its main goals are to help the wearer be active, more efficient while in combat, and have improved endurance while in battle.

USMC ILBE BackpackThe system features a water pack to keep the soldier hydrated with a capacity to hold around 100 ounces of water. This makes it easier to carry water in the field without having a bulky canteen on your side. It also makes it possible for the soldier to carry mortar round ammunition, food, and other necessary combat supplies. The backpack is setup so that it can carry up to total of 120 pounds of gear and ammunition in combat of varying types.

The ILBE has three types of loads that the pack can be set up for. The first type, the assault load, holds just the bare basics to head into battle: water, ammunition, and only slightly more supplies. It is set up this way so that the soldier can transport more ammunition and gear for combat into the fighting.

Another type of load is the existence load. This particular set up as materials that the ever soldier will need if they are in the situation where they cannot be resupplied. Ammunition, water, food, and the other items that are packed depend on the time of year, the countryside, weather, and the kind of people the soldier will come across.

Last type of load is the approach march load, is setup for a soldier who in an extensive combat situation cannot get the pack's items replenished every day. The soldier, with this kind of pack setup, could be out the field around eight hours.

The ILBE backpack has created the optimal caring system for the US soldier who is going into a combat area that has the ability to keep them supplied, efficient, and to survive. Its primary function of being versatile and more comfortable for the wearer makes it one of the most cutting-edge military backpacks that the US military has adopted.