ICarly Party Favors Theme for Fun Loving Birthday Parties

ICarly is a famous program that is shown on Nickelodeon. The story revolves around a teenage girl, her brother Spencer and friends Freddie and Sam. If your kid is also a fan of this popular TV show then why not host an iCarly party favors theme for their birthday. Your kid will definitely have the time of their lives and will never forget this birthday. You can even purchase kids birthday party favors for such themes.

First of all you need to decide on the invitations for the party. Since Carly loves computers, you could make use of email invitations to be sent out to the guests. If you run out of ideas you can take the assistance of many online websites that offer iCarly themed invitations. to make the invitations more unique, you can record your voice or use web cameras for attaching photos on the invitation cards. All these cards are eco friendly and can be made without spending a single dollar.

A iCarly birthday party favors theme will not be complete without decorations. The party hall can be decorated with vibrant and colorful balloons and streamers and curly cues can also be used for the walls and ceilings. A lot of party supplies can be found on a number of online websites along with iCarly birthday party favors and you could also purchase banners and posters that have wordings like "You're a Star" to added a more funky atmosphere to the party.

Young kids tend to be impatient and may not like to sit idle while waiting for the other guests to arrive. So in order to keep them busy, you might need to think of some games and activities that will keep them occupied. Arrange for singing or dancing competitions or you can even show the kids some videos of iCarly. Provide the kids with some props and tell them to come up with innovative items and award prizes for the best one.

Talking about the food and beverages list you can include food items like strawberry and apple pies, tacos, pizzas, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and many more. The cake for the iCarly birthday theme could be baked in the shape of iCarly's friends or computer monitor. Other side food items for the iCarly party favors theme that could be added are chips, cheese cubes, nuggets, burgers and many more. Smoothies, milkshakes and sodas can be served as drinks for the kids.

Games are fun since kids can take active participation in innovative and creative activities. Some of the games that can be included are Yo - Yo competitions, hosting a Web Show Game where kids can showcase their talents by enacting their favorite iCarly characters. In addition to this, you can even organize Random Dancing, Fashion shows and many more. Make sure to take plenty of videos so that the kids can take them as iCarly birthday party favors.

All kids love party favor packs no matter what shape and size they come with. Some of the kids' birthday party favors that can be added in the goodies back are bracelets, trinkets, fancy pens or pencils, nail polish, sparkling hair bands, junk food like chips, chocolates and many more. You might even be interested in attaching a thank you note expressing your gratitude for attending the party.

Your kid will love their iCarly party favors birthday theme. Think of all the fun they will have just having their favorite character or program for their birthday party. Not only the kids, but even adults will love to take active participation in such events since it enhances the creative abilities for everybody.