Keyword tools and Keyword services have existed for some time now. A keyword tool is a desktop application which runs on your computer. It may connect to an online database to check for updates. And a Keyword service usually refers to a web based service which provides users with the ability to search for profitable keywords. The difference being that a keyword service is hosted on a website and you can access the service from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Imeye is a keyword research service which really stands out from the rest. As you may have already experienced, using the conventional keyword tools or services require you to spend considerable time to find a niche and then spend some more time to find keywords related to that niche. Therefore finding keywords and niches have become a source of big frustration for internet marketers. And keyword research is not a task you want to outsource because if you build your website using the wrong keywords you are inviting more trouble.

So what features are there in Imeye that do not exist in other keyword tools and services? Well, Imeye has a completely different path to find keywords. To be honest, you do not even have to find keywords. Rather the keywords find you. Meaning you do not even have to input a seed keyword to get profitable keywords. All you have to do is to decide the type of website you want to build which can be an affiliate product website, Ad sense site or an e-commerce site. Once you have decided, the next step involves filling the various variables required to execute the query. These variables include monthly searches, number of competing pages, number of pages containing the keyword in the title and few more. Upon executing the query, you are provided with a list of super profitable keywords you can utilize immediately. You might be wondering whether all the profitable keywords in the database will be get exhausted. The creators of this product announced that they would add one million new keywords to their database every month. Imeye is also very useful for finding profitable and cheap keywords for PPC campaigns. You can do all your keyword research related tasks from one place without switching back and forth from a spreadsheet to keyword software.

However the service is not economical. It is certainly not for those who do not take their internet business seriously. But in my opinion, a costly and powerful tool can become a natural motivator and will result in more success for those who are confident and ready to take action.