Anybody with perfect eyesight could reach the stage where they develop eyesight problems as they get older. Father Time takes no prisoners!


The main problem with otherwise perfect eyesight deteriorating as it is doing in most humans, is stress on the eye muscles due to straining the eyes to see. A big culprit here is your computer. 

Below exercises can be done in 10 minutes and at any time during the day wherever you are and they are so beneficial to your eyes that you should experience an improvement in your eyesight within the first month with regular exercise.


When performing any of these exercises, remember to do it in a smooth, relaxed manner without jerking movements. The idea of these exercises is to improve your eyesight, not to invent some new break dancing step. If you can, listen to some relaxing music while exercising.


  • To relax the neck and shoulder muscles, move your head forward and back wards, side to side, very slowly. Remember – smooth movements. Don't jerk your head, as you will hurt yourself. By helping your neck and shoulder muscles to relax, your eye muscles will follow suit and blood flow to the eyes will improve dramatically. Repeat six times initially and work up to ten times if time allows. If you stick to six times and never reach the ten times mark, it is also fine.

  • Hold your head still and move your eyes up and down as far as you can. You should feel the eye muscles pulling. Do this six times. Then move your eyes from side to side six times. This completes the cycle. Repeat this cycle three times initially, working up to five times. If you don't have time to repeat the cycle five times, then three times is fine.

  • If you work in an environment where there is a lot of strain on your eyes, the following exercise is very beneficial. It helps to shift the focus point of the eye and to lubricate the surface of the eye. Blink rapidly for a couple of seconds and then close your eyes for a moment. Repeat this exercise for about a minute and a half.

  • If you work for a boss you are entitled to tea- and lunch breaks. Use one of your allocated tea breaks daily to place your palms over your eyes, don't squeeze, just hold your palms on both your eyes gently for a whole ten minutes. When you open your eyes, concentrate on one object for a few seconds and look away.

  • Concentrate on an imaginary dot on the wall, about one foot away from where you are sitting or standing. Make a figure eight with your head, keeping your eyes on the imaginary dot. Do this about three times slowly. Move a bit further away from the dot. Do a figure eight again with your head three times. Now do the same, moving even further away from the dot. This strengthens the ability of the eye to focus on object at various distances.


These exercises have been designed to help you relax and strengthen the eye muscles. Combined with a diet of at least five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day, you are sure to notice a difference within a month and a considerable difference within eight weeks.