The INQ Cloud Touch was branded as a “Facebook phone”, but it wasn’t developed by Facebook itself, but rather the INQ phone manufacturer. Wondering what the hell INQ is? Well, we’re not surprised because they’ve not been long on the market. They are a manufacturer of mobile phone handsets owned by Hutchinson Whampoa – in other words, they are owned by the same company who own the 3 network. But for all of it’s credentials, can a new manufacturer create a social networking phone to rival the models already out there by well-known brands?

Well we’ve tried and tested all of the Facebooking abilities this phone has to offer, and trust us, this phone is all about the Facebook. So much so that when you set up the phone for the first time, it prompts you to log into Facebook straight away. Once you’ve completed the phones first demand, the Cloud Touch spends a jolly few moments taking all of your Facebook information, integrating it into the other features on your phone, so all of your Facebook friends are in your contacts and all of your Facebook event invitations are in your calendar, etc.

If you are to select an individual contact from your phone book, you are taken straight to a page that has their mobile number and e-mail address as normal, but you also get two extra tabs for their Facebook Wall and their photos. From here you can do all of the usually Facebook stuff, such as commenting and liking all of their daily activities on an hourly basis.

To be honest, the Cloud Touch is basically Facebook on a phone, which is great for those who love the social networking site and want a fluid way to access it on a handset without having to rely on sub-par apps. The phone has a pre-loaded shortcut for more or less every Facebook function you can possibly imagine.

Facebook aside there’s plenty more on the phone to enjoy, including a pre-loaded Spotify Android app that allows you to play your own music for free, but can be accessed fully if you are a premium Spotify subscriber. By using the dedicated media key on the side of the Touch, Spotify immediately loads and you can pause and play the tracks with this same button as well.

The 5 megapixel camera is pretty straightforward, with it’s 4x digital zoom and pre-loaded effects. You can also, of course, upload these images straight to your Facebook profile.

Unfortunately it’s not all song and dance with this party in your pocket. Without a flash of light the INQ Cloud Touch’s camera is rubbish at taking snaps on a night out, which will disappoint a lot of Facebook users.

The screen resolution is really low so it’s hard to tell how bad or good images actually are. As a touchscreen it’s not very responsive, so updating your status, sending a message or typing in a search function can be an arduous task.

We found the phone to be rather slow when using Google Maps and websites with larger graphics and information, even over Wi-Fi and 3G, which is hugely disappointing. Though it’s not marketed as a high-end smartphone, we would still prefer it if Web content loaded a bit faster.

To conclude the INQ Cloud Touch is the ultimate phone for a Facebook fanatic that can offer some other activities to keep you entertained, but we would only recommend it for the Facebook user who doesn’t take photos on nights out. Those who don’t use Facebook will find the phone pointless and the concept of Facebook incredibly invasive.

INQ Cloud Touch