First phone built for Facebook - designed specifically for social media
Easy to use for social media people
Handles Email, Facebook, Twitter, Windows Messenger Live, and Skype


Not available in the USA - used in UK, Hong Kong, Italy and now Australia! !

Full Review

This may seem odd: reviewing a phone that is not available to the USA, - yet. However; in this day and age with media, Twitter and all the global social sites, well you can learn a lot and put together a pretty good picture. Usually I am slow to change and recieve the hand me downs of cell phones, as the family members upgrade. After learning about this phone, I will leading the pack to buy it.

In the social media world with marketing and the need for speed and reliability a phone that delivers what it promises is important. On one airline trip I saw that 17 out of the 35 -40 passengers in the area, were talking or texting on their cell phone. Email and Facebook are important tools for business people and having a social phone is a great tool!

The popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and other social media intensifies the need for applications to share photos as well as text.

This Social Mobile Phone has won the Meffy Awards for it's ease of use for social media. It has won several other awards as well. When I read about the INQ I was impressed because I am daily hearing complaints about IPHONE. The INQ is going to give the IPHONE and other smartphones a run for its money when it arrives in the USA.

What is different is that this phone was designed to use for social media. It is a tool. Right now it is only available in Britain and Hong Kong. The British users seem to like it and have increased use of email and windows live messenger as well as increased use for Facebook. It is even being used for SKYPE.

If you are looking at new phones, my recommendation is call your cell phone carrier and ask them when this phone will be coming. Limp along a little longer and be ready when this INQ Social Phone comes to the USA.

If you are fortunate and live in Hong Kong, Italy or the UK, and have the need for a social media phone, buy it now! My final recommendation is that as soon as this phone becomes available in the USA - RUN, don't walk to nearest vendor and buy it!

In Closing