The ION USB turntable


Easy to use

Useful, for some

Easy to set up

Reasonable price


A little bulky

Limited use for some

Full Review

One thing that I have found with my husband, over the years, is that he is never sure of ideas for his Christmas list. As an avid music collector, he has hundreds of old LP records. This turntable would enable him to copy and play this music on our Computer.

With this in mind last Christmas Hubby had one main present in mind.

Top of the list was a USB turntable so that he can condense his much loved music collection onto discs and our computer. A few years ago he wanted, and received, a Pioneer CD writer. This is a piece of equipment that is linked to his Stereo, however, now that he is much more computer literate, he wanted a piece of equipment that would enable him to utilise the computer for recording from vinyl.

The Ion USB turntable.

So here is what he has found up to now.

The USB turntable is easy to set up.

The first thing, of course, is to carefully unpack the turntable and then read the booklets that arrived with it. You do not need to read them in their entirety, unless you want to, but you need to read the basic instructions.

For example, the belt which drives the turntable was not fitted correctly. Having read the instructions Hubby removed the turntable, as directed, and fitted the belt in no time at all. Wel,l I think that was a slight exaggeration on my part as there was a fair amount of huffing, puffing and swearing before it was fully sorted. However, if you follow the instructions you can't go far wrong.

The clear lid has a protective, loose covering which we have not removed yet, in order to avoid unecessary wear and tear.

Once the Ion turntable is connected to your PC the software provided needs to be installed onto your computer. This step was very easy. One thing you have to bear in mind though is, that you will have to download Itunes to your PC, as this is a necessary component. The turntable's software has simple on screen instructions which explain what you need to do and these are fairly foolproof.

Recording your LP,Vinyl to you youngsters, starts just like playing music on an old record player. There is a stylus that you place on the vinyl to start recording. As soon as this is done you simply click on your PC to start recording.

The problems that hubby has encountered so far have been hearing the sound as he records and hearing the sound on the PC when the music has been recorded. Also, after finally sussing this problem, the sound on the PC seemed to have disappeared after he had finished recording. This seems to be sorted out now and was to do with the soundcard. If you follow the booklet fully you should be able to prevent this easily. Adjustments need to be made, in the control panel of your PC, depending on whether you are using Windows Vista, XP or just plain old windows.

Obviously as a recent Christmas present Hubby has not used this turntable extensively yet. However, he is pleased with the equipment and the results so far. One reason he wanted this turntable was because his vast record collection includes the good, the bad and the ugly, as far as condition goes. The software provided with this turntable supplies the means to restore the sound quality to nearly new condition.


One negative is that the Ion USB turntable is a little bulky. It measures around 16 inches by 16 inches and is about 5 inches deep. It does take up a fair bit of space on the computer desk.

Also, on the downside, it may have lmited appeal, to some. For us with over a thousand old LP's, plus other vinyl, I imagine it will be kept busy for quite some time.


It is possible to make your own compilation discs for playing on an MP3 and, or, mini Hi Fi, for home or outside the home. Any budding DJ's should find this a useful piece of kit.

A positive is that you can record the old 78's on this turntable, even though they record at the 331/3 speed. The software converts the speed to the correct one for playing.

I purchased this turntable from Maplins on-line. The price does seem to vary from retailers. It is usually between about £60-£80. Maplins include a voucher for use on the web site, for £3 discount and delivery was free.

This turntable is supplied with an assortment of leads which enable you to play on reel to reels and the like.

In Closing

This review only covers the bsaics as the product has not been fully utilised yet. However, at the moment, Hubby is well pleased with his new toy.

With the January Sales in full swing any interested buyers may be able to pick this product up for a good price.