Try goggling “iPhone game” and be shocked to see numerous titles that are available for this Apple made Smartphone. It is already a given fact that those boys at Apple had us hypnotized to this groundbreaking piece of telecommunications. And yes, even those kids who live and breathe with their games are included.

An iPhone user looking for games for their leisure or for someone else’s will not be disappointed to the offerings seen in the iPhone App Store. From novice gamers, those who are only looking to entertain themselves during a downtime and even those hard-core gamers, Apple made sure that no person would be left.

The following are some games depending on your taste:

Doodle Jump

  • One of the most popular game on the iOS platform, it got a simple gameplay that is addicting and is guaranteed to bring out the inner kid in you.
  • The game involves you guiding a doodle away from things that appears on the graphing paper in which the doodle lives. Black holes, UFOs and platforms are the things you need to jump through while the doodle navigates the graphing paper.
  • While not the most visually appealing game on the iOS, this game may trigger flashbacks of the days when you are heavily engrossed in drawing doodles on your notebook or book.

Prince of Persia Retro

  • Yes, this is the PC jumping game that you have grown up with. That same game that you played on those big, white computers you were using back in the days.
  • This game decided to stick with the proven effective gameplay of the original game, as well as the very old-looking yet still exciting graphics of the original game. This means the same enjoyment is brought by this iPhone game.
  • It uses the touchscreen of the iPhone to control the moves of the prince as he jumps and battles all the warriors that blocks his way on saving the Sultan’s daughter.

Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles

  • It is a prequel to the Assassin’s Creed line of games that is available on major gaming consoles like the X-Box and the Nintendo DS.
  • It follows the lead character Altair’s adventure as he searches for the Chalice throughout the Holy Land, which includes Jerusalem, Damascus and Tyre. This Chalice will help him to put an end to the rule of the Templar Knights, who controls the world in this game.
  • This game is actually a ported version of the Nintendo DS game. Instead of using the normal sticks and buttons, the game fully utilizes the touchscreen of the iOS devices. Some gamers might be intimidated at first, but after a while those fingers will get comfortable with this method.

Kids-at-heart, classic gamers and hard-core ones are not the only ones covered by the iPhone game developers. I am sure there is an iPhone game that can best fit your liking and is something that is sure to bring you entertainment.