Spider veins are thin, unsightly veins that range from red to brown in colour, and in size from miniscule dots of color, to more expansive varicose veins. They are caused by the vein walls collapsing and rupturing, and cause many women psychological discomfort.

IPL is a revolutionary Intense Pulsed Light Treatment. First used for hair removal and tattoo removal, IPL is now being used to treat other skin disorders, such as the removal of spider veins.

IPL for Spider Veins:

IPL is a way to send currents of light into the veins, which causes the blood in the vein to clot, and the vein function to be destroyed. Several treatments are required for effective removal of the spider veins. Costs vary depending on the practitioner, the depth and size of the veins and the number of treatments required but expect to pay anything from $50-$400 per session. Your practitioner may suggest laser instead of IPL treatment, or sclerotherapy.

IPL is not painful, but it is not entirely painless either. Your practitioner will determine the strength and the intensity of the light needed to remove them. The sensation is like having an elastic band snapped on your skin – it can be quite uncomfortable, but most practitioners will use some kind of cooling gel on the skin before treatment to reduce the discomfort. The treated area may be a little sore or tender for a few hours after treatment, and you may experience a little redness or hyperpigmentation, but this subsides quickly. Your practitioner should advise if you need any aftercare creams or lotions, but aloe vera gel or anything that treats sunburn is good to use if you feel you need to – but always check with your professional first. Be sure to stay out of the sun after the treatment. However, time off work should not be needed.

The one thing that you must beware of, is that IPL cannot be used on tanned skin, so this is a treatment that is best done in the winter months. Also, take great care with IPL for Spider Veins on Asian or black skin, as this skin is susceptible to burns from the treatment. This treatment is not for all, so be sure to take advice from an experienced practitioner. The good news is that IPL can be used to remove spider veins not only from the body but from the face too. IPL can also be used in the treatment of hyperpigmentation, varicose veins, age spots, port wine birthmarks and to rejuvenate skin.

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