IPON Really?

There are 5 different options for IPON described in this article. They are not affiliated or connected with one another in any way. These three may have the same name or are simply known as IPON by many people, but their field of expertise is not at all identical. Read on to find out more about them.

IPON as the misspelling of iPhone

Take a look at these articles - maybe you will find what you're looking for:

IPON Computer Hungary

IPON computer start it's activity in the year 2004 with the goal of giving end users an utmost quality as well as speed which can serve as many clients as possible. It is the biggest distributor in Hungary, guaranteeing reliable and quick delivery and good customer support and solving any warranty concerns as fast as they can. The Ipon company continues to be among the leading IT firms and increases the variety of their products being sold. At present, they have over 10,000 various products and sold over 40,000 items. The company makes every effort to establish an excellent relationship with the consumers by working out on any problem without delay.

IPON on www.inwoba.de

This website has the acronym IPON which means "The fIrst pure chess engine rating list with PonderON" as the website believes that no chess player stops pondering on the moves of their opponent. This is an IPON rating list and here, you will see the best single engines per author, latest news about games as well as archive and links that you may find very useful and informative.

The iPod Nano

Apple has launched a new iPod nano (www.apple.com/ipodnano/ ) with a multi-touch feature. It is smaller, sleek, colorful, and lighter than the previous iPod nano models. The multi-touch feature makes your most wanted songs just a tap away together with an integrated FM radio, creating Genius, and a lot more. Simply tap the Home screen if you want to look through your music by artist, genre, composer, album, playlist or song. Likewise, you can reorganize the Home screen icons in any way you wish. Your music is always within your reach because you can basically bring it anywhere with you.


Using the IPON Awards ICT companies, that focus on education, are stamped with the IPON quality brand. Thus, the education is the main area that the company distinguishes itself throu innovation, quality and originality. IPON Awards encourage the industry to innovate and improve products.

This is an annual event - www.ipon.nl/ipon-awards - and it arrives at his 4th edition this year. Awards for Education and ICT will be initiated around all areas of ICT in education, to assess use, originality, design, accessibility and price. A professional and independent jury will announce the nominees, they are further reviewed below. The nominees will be divided into different categories:

1. category (innovative product) software for PO
2. category (innovative product) Hardware PO
3. category (innovative product) software for BB
4. category (innovative product) hardware for VO
5. category (innovative product) software for MBO
6. category (innovative product) hardware for MBO
7. Special IPON-ordinary special award (that product, service or person)
8. IPON-special incentive award (that product, service or person)

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