If you are searching for information on the IQAir HealthProPlus Air Purifier then chances are, it's because you or someone you love has problems with allergies or breathing, and you already know that you need some kind of powerful air filtration system. After all, breathing is arguable the most vital of all the health functions you need to survive. You can live for almost 10 days without food. You can even last for almost 3 days without water. You won't make it 20 minutes without breathing. Of course you want to make sure that the air that you're breathing is as clear and clean as possible.

Add into that mix physical problems with respiration, problems that make using your own body to filter impurities out of the air a virtual impossibility, and you have even more reason to invest in a high-quality air purifying system.

So, why the IQAir?

The Top 3 Reasons to Invest in an IQAir HealthProPlus

1) You Get What You Pay For - In this world of short cuts and everyone looking out for number one and trying to get the best deals, it's often easy to forget that some equations remain very simple. High quality will generally translate into a higher price tag. However, that doesn't mean that it's not worth it! Just the opposite, in fact. Most things in this world which cost a lot are worth a lot. They will end up being your best investments, and your most prized possessions. The IQAir is no exception. The high end components used in its construction, its four advanced filtration systems, and its pelletized and granular filtration systems combine to make it the most advanced air purification systems currently being sold to the consumer market.

2) It Is Trusted By Industry Professionals - Although it is a consumer air filtration system and thus is available for sale to the public, it is a professional grade machine. This is evidenced by the fact that it is routinely used in hospitals and other medical settings. Not only that, but it is also used in computer cleanrooms, where even a microparticle of dust can cost millions in both production delay and equipment damage. If the medical and computer industries trust the IQAir with their most delicate cleanrooms, then it's more than adequate to handle whatever home air filtration needs you may have.

3) It Is The Perfect Balance of Robust and Portable - Industrial air purifiers are monstrously heavy, built-in affairs which do a fantastic job - but could never be transferred from room to room or from location to location. On the flip side of that coin, consumer filtration systems are light and portable, but they do a pitifully poor job of actually filtering toxins and odors out of the air. The IQAir strikes the perfect balance. Yes, it has heft, commensurate with its robust functioning, but it is built on casters for easy portability to different areas of the home.

If you're finding it difficult to breathe because of mold or odors in your home, or because you or someone in your family has a physical malady that makes breathing difficult, don't you think it's time to invest in the one that that money can't buy - your health?