IRS debt relief is very helpful is you can no pay the IRS the money that you owe them.

With this kind of IRS tax relief, you can pay only a portion of what you owe the IRS, but the sum of this portion can vary.

Congress created this kind of debt relief so that people could pay off their debts to the IRS for only a portion of the amount owed. It depends on the case, but the IRS is able to cut the debt you own them down to a particular sum, but, of course, there are a couple of things you must qualify for before they can do this for you.

If you can show the IRS that you have extreme circumstances, then they will be able to cut the amount you owe them to just a percentage of the original amount.

This has been a very common thing for a lot of people to do to avoid paying their taxes, so the IRS looks very closely at the qualifications to keep this from happening to much. In the 1990's the IRS did make it easier to get this kind of relief and cleared all of their previous cases out.

You are able to turn in an OIC application by yourself now, but it is not easy to do, so you should consult the professional that does your taxes so they can assist you. You best bet at winning a case with the IRS is to hire your own tax attorney. It is also advisable to hire an IRS tax attorney, so you will know what to do if you lose your case.

Even though hiring a tax attorney will cost you some money, in most cases, it is worth the price of having them if you want to win your case.

Many times, the IRS will let you have additional time to gather the money for the tax payment if you can't pay it all right then. This will result in your account being marked as "can't pay at this moment," and you will be hounded by their collections department until you can make the tax payment or you have filed an OIC application.

It is highly recommended that you hire a IRS tax attorney right away if you are in need of IRS debt relief. You can get into a lot of trouble if you don't. Even if you do tons of research on IRS debt relief grants and think you know everything about it, if you go it alone you won't get the best quantity of money cut off your IRS debt.

The only way to get IRS debt relief is to hire an tax attorney that specializes in the IRS. You can find a lot of lawyers on the internet. Look around for some tax attorneys and their law firms, then check out their websites to find out if they can help you. You can very easily get a hold of them and most will offer you a tax consolidation that costs nothing.

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