As the costs of living rise, people begin to ask themselves, where they can save some extra money from a monthly pay. A good advice is to take a look at the way of heating your house, office, warehouse, shop or any other place. There are many ways to heat your home, from gas or fuel burning furnaces, gravity furnaces to forced air units, but one is really innovative. Whitin next few minutes you get to know the IR Panels and their benefits.

IR Panel(87410)

The IR Panels have a unique way of heating, using the long wave infrared(FIR), comparable to the sauna effect. Not only they work environment friendly with no CO2 emissions, you can save up to 50% on your energy bill compared to oil or gas heating, thanks to the use of unique electronic continuous regulation system. This way you can setup the heating from your couch or office seat for a week ahead with only few clicks on the remote controller.

IR Panel closer look

What's the secret?
Because of it's unique way of heating, it has a positive effect on muscle and joint pains, airways and blood circulation. Most of the knowing heating devices heat the air in the room and thus your body aswell. The IR Panels heat the objects. This way, you can save a lot of energy as it takes no more than three minutes to feel natural warmth of this incredible device. It is ideal for allergy sufferers aswell, as there is no formation of dust. Because panels are heating the objects and not the air, you will also experience no mold in you rooms as they heat the walls aswell.

When electricity comes into contact with the printed circuit film, there is a healthy long wave IR transmitting in the room where it is located. Infrared waves are directed through the glass wich can heat up to 120 degrees. The back of the panel is well insulated.

Many providers offer the panels in different colours or even entertaining pictures and ofcourse in different sizes to fit in any room. Because of their easy installation, you can install them on either wall or ceiling connected through the socket or light point, no pipes, no maintenance or storage, and no refills. What is also good about the panels that they are completely noise-free and don't leave any smell.

The cost of the panels is around 200-300 euros, depending on the size of the panel you need for your room. Because of its great number of benefirs they are a truly great investment in healthy and environment friendly heating. 

IR Panel Video Presentation