ISO Burn with ImgBurn

Download ImgBurn
Google it! After downloading you can install the program.

Things You Will Need

ISO Burn with ImgBurn

Please follow these steps:

1. Click on Run
2. Click Next
3. This option allows you choose what you want. It is best to click on Next
4. Select the folder where you save the file eg (C: / Program Files / ImgBurn) and click Install
5. When asked if you want ImgBurn or occasionally check whether a newer version available, click on Yes
6. Ensure that the Run ImgBurn option is checked and click Finish
7. ImgBurn starts ...
8. If the program asks whether you want to view the website click on No.

The installation is now complete.

Configuration ImgBurn
Now you ImgBurn is installed and has started you will see 2 windows:

* Windows ImgBurn (it run the commands)
* ImgBurn log window (which you can see which orders are executed or performed)

Now we need a few settings to change before we can burn an ISO file with ImgBurn. Go to the ImgBurn window and select the Tools menu> Settings.

We now have a new image called Settings window. Here are several tabs available. Select the Write tab. Select the User Specified option under Layer Break (For DL Media). Under this option you must L0 Sectors in the following digits: 1913760. Click OK.

Now you automatically return to the ImgBurn window. The configuration is complete.

Brand options
ImgBurn has several types of options you can use fire. Each option is for a different kind of performance.

The following options are available to ImgBurn:

* Read: Read a CD to an image file
* Build: Creates an image file from files on your computer or network - or write the files directly to a CD
* Write: Writes an image file to a CD
* Verify: Checks whether a CD is 100% readable.
* Discovery: Tests the quality of your burning drive that delivers.

Burning with ImgBurn

Now the configuration is set, we will burn an ISO file. You see in the ImgBurn window. Click this opWrite image file to disc.

A new screen. Please click to select a file ... on the folder with the magnifying glass to add an ISO. Select your ISO and you will see the information appearing on the ISO. Set the burn speed to the lowest possible! This is very important. Now click on Write and ImgBurn starts burning the ISO.

ImgBurn is a program that you can burn image files to a CD / DVD / BLU-RAY / HD DVD.

ImgBurn supports ISO files type the following:

DI *
* GI

You can also use it to burn audio CDs from any type of file type.

ImgBurn is supported by the following operating systems:

* Windows 95
* Windows 98
* Windows Me
* Windows NT4
* Windows 2000
* Windows XP
* Windows 2003
* Windows Vista
* Windows 2008
* Windows 7
* Linux (if you use Wine **)

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