Philadelphia are 1-4 after Sunday's 31-24 loss to Buffalo

     The Philadelphia Eagles managed to turn the ball over 5 times on Sunday and the Buffalo Bills took advantage of the opportunity in a 31-24 win for the Bills. The Eagles have now lost 4 straight games after winning the season opener against the St. Louis Rams. The loss has brought the critics out and many are looking at Micheal Vick and Head coach Andy Reid.

     Before the season began, many experts believed that the Philadelphia Eagles would be a Superbowl favorite. They signed many high end names during the shortened free agency, including former Tennessee quarterback Vince Young. Young was happy to go to the Eagles and referred to the team as the "dream team". In doing so, the Eagles began the season with a target on their back. They look well in their first win, but ever since, it has been all down hill.

   With four straight losses later, some wonder if Andy Reid will be around after the season. They are also pointing out Vick for his turnovers. When you turn the ball over, it is hard to win. Vick threw for over 300 yards on Sunday with 2 touchdowns, but he also threw 4 turnovers. He hasn't played up to the standard he set high last season. The Eagles were quick to reach him a 100 million dollar contract at the beginning of the season. And with all the big name signings during free agency, we might see a lot of contracts being terminated. Vick hasn't played like 100 million dollars.

   Only time will tell what happens and their next game in Washington on Sunday plays vital to their playoff chances. At 1-4, they can't afford to lose this game. They are already last in the division with Washington 3-1, New York Giants 3-2, and Dallas 2-2. They have to cut down on the turnovers and they should begin winning. They need to improve their play in the 4th quarter. They have lost leads against San Francisco and Atlanta. 

   Andy Reid took all the blame on Sunday, but it is not all his fault. They need to call them in Today and Tuesday to have ball drills. Vick needs to go back to what he does, and that is run. They turned him into a pocket passer. He did it critics. Now get off his back. Vick, go play ball like you use too and you will be just fine.