Broken ComputerCredit:">miss_rogueMost modern laptops, tablets and phones are designed specifically to be recycled. A look at popular manufacturers' websites will reveal many boasts of the ease of recycling and environmental friendliness of their products. This is certainly a good thing, as it is a waste to be throwing away materials that could easily be reused in other products. However, something that many people overlook is that there is often no need to dispose of older computer hardware in the first place. Despite the fact that your aging machine may be of no use to you any more, it may well be useful for someone else.

Fashion And Function

Old Apple ComputerCredit:">Jenn DurfeyThe fact is that many people will replace their computers simply because of fashion rather than because their machine has really become redundant. Most ordinary users have fairly low performance requirements for what they need to do (web browsing, word processing and so on) and thus are unlikely to find their laptops becoming out-dated. If you prefer always having the latest and greatest model, consider the fact that many other people would be very happy to have your computer instead. You may be able to make some cash from the sale rather than simply disposing of it.

Repairing Broken Computers

Computer Repair(124125)Credit: is very common for people to get new computers when they perceive their current one as being broken somehow. However, in many cases, the machine is totally salvageable with relatively little effort. Often, the operating system will have become bogged down through poor maintenance or malware, in which case it may just need to be wiped and reinstalled in order to bring it back to factory-fresh condition. In other cases, a single part may need replacement, such as a hard drive for example. In any case, repair and resale is often a better solution than disposal.

IT Remarketing

IT remarketing is important for everyone from single users to offices and larger businesses. If the computer hardware is not actually damaged beyond repair, it almost certainly has value to someone. Often, what would have been a significant disposal cost may actually become a source of much-needed cash. Computers do not simply become useless after a while; they can often continue to be used for many years after the original owner is done with them. This is a fine way to avoid wasting time and resources on disposal and to keep our environment in the best shape possible.