IV therapy for fast action

IV stands for intravenous, where liquid substance is injected into the veins to provide a very quick supply of whatever nutrients or solutions needed by the body. Our body is made up of millions of cells which require constant supply of nutrients to keep them healthy. Intravenous or IV vitamin therapy for cancer treatment is based on this technique of quick supply of essential vitamins and minerals to the body. IV vitamin therapy for cancer treatment has been found effective to cure cancer.

When the body is sick, it has difficulty in extracting nutrients and vitamins from the food we eat. With this problem, the body becomes weaker, and the vicious cycle continues, aggravating the sickness and makes the body even weaker. The cancer patient’s body is very weak, suffering from pain most of the time. Even taking food is difficult, let alone extracting nutrients for the body. In this case, IV therapy is recommended for the quick and effective supply of essential nutrients and vitamins to the body. High doses of vitamins and minerals are injected directly into the bloodstream, which are faster and more effective than normal oral intake.

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Myers' Cocktail

The most well-known IV therapy is the “Myers’ Cocktail” which contains a combination of high dosages of vitamins and minerals. It was introduced in the1970s by John Myers of Johns Hopkins University. This cocktail was successfully prescribed to many types of illnesses. The standard Myers’ Cocktail contains vitamins B complex, B5, B6, B12, and C and magnesium and calcium.

IVVC+B12 For Cancer Treatment

Following the successes of Myers’ Cocktail, various combinations subsequently were administered for many other illnesses. The latest is the IV protocol for cancer treatment known as “IVVC + B12”, short for “intravenous vitamin C plus vitamin B12”. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant that builds up the immune system, and B12 aids in formation of red blood cells. “IVVC + B12” is now being used to treat cancer. The plus point of this treatment is that it destroys cancer cells but not the healthy ones. Studies have shown that high dosage of vitamin C administered intravenously has helped improved well-being of cancer patients, especially pain reduction.

Best defence is to keep ourselves healthy

Whatever said, I believe that the best defence is to keep our bodies fit and healthy. And to remain healthy we must also ensure that we have a positive and happy mind. A healthy body and a happy mind are the two most important factors to avoid being sick. So eat healthy, stay healthy, and be happy!