It is another day of heading out to go camping for a couple of days. Camping is one of those awesome things I love to do but lately I have desired to have an electrical plug in at my campsite so I can write articles on my laptop. I could buy 3-4 extra batteries for use in my lap top and when one goes dead simply swap it out with a fresh one. The problem with that though is that laptop batteries for my laptop are expensive.

Today I am in a Zone and writing heavily for InfoBarrel. My fingers cannot keep up with all of my article ideas and thoughts and I hate to quit writing when I am in a Zone for InfoBarrel. The problem is I will have to turn off my laptop and go camping without it. I think I need to buy a cheap laptop that is semi-rugged and then use that when I go camping. Maybe I could find a solar powered way of charging my laptop. I will check into that but for now I need to head out to go camping.

I always travel with a notebook. I prefer college ruled notebooks but have been known to use wide ruled notebooks on many occasions. I always keep notes, write down articles ideas and map out my strategies. This trip will be no different. I will have 2 notebooks that are college ruled with me and will make notes as we travel the few hours to the campground.

As we travel I will keep my eyes peeled and by the time we arrive to the campground I will have at least 50 new article ideas. Some of these articles will wind up here on InfoBarrel, some on Examiner, and some on my personal Blog.

Even though I cannot take my laptop I can carry a notebook and at least establish some groundwork for many future articles I will write to generate revenue for me. I could take my laptop but once the battery goes dead I'm screwed and I don't want to leave it in the car when we go fishing and or hiking.

I will do a lot of note taking around the campfire. I find a lot of inspiration for articles sitting around the campfire. My notebooks are one of my most valued tools. Leave me stranded alone on a tropical Island and I let me choose 4 items. They would be a college ruled notebook, a pen, Mountain Dew, and a can of Copenhagen. I would of course trash the Copenhagen Long cut for a supply of THC Infused buds but then I would end up eating all of the pineapples and coconuts on the Island. The monkeys need food too.

Over the next 3 days I will generate a ton of ideas for articles. It was when I was using a notebook jotting down Ideas that I had an epiphany on how I could get some additional clients that would allow me to quit my 9-5 job and write full time. What will the next epiphany be? I am excited to find out and the first person that I will tell about it will be my trusty college ruled notebook.