Let me just settle some things for all of you.

I'm a redhead. Have been my whole life (20 years). Frequently I get asked the same questions about my locks. Do you have a soul? Do the carpets match the drapes? If there is a goal for this article, let it be to answer questions non-redheads love to ask and maybe save another redhead from an awkward situation. On to question one.

Do you have a soul?

You know, no one really knows if they have a soul. It is not tangible, you cannot see it. So to say that I do would be a little lie now wouldn't it? I like to tell people every freckle I have is another's stolen soul, so why would I need my own?

Do the carpets match the drapes?

Yes. Yes they do. Mostly. I can't speak for other redheads, but from my own experience they do. Are you happy? Is it funny to you? Can we move on?

Do all redheads have a bad attitude?

A bad attitude? As in spontaneous explosions of fire and rage? No, that's just me. 

I've heard redheads are best in bed, is it true?

Ew. First of all, you are disgusting if you can just ask a stranger such a private question. Whether you think it's funny or okay, it's not. Just you having the nerve to ask me this makes me want to hit you.

Can you go out in the sun?

Yes. I'm not a vampire. I need sunlight too. I actually love the sun. I mean I do need extra, longer lasting protection but, yes, I can walk out into UV light without withering away into ashes. Thanks.

Has anybody ever told you that you resemble____?

Yep. All the time. You don't even have to say who. Daphne, Jessica Rabbit, Lindsay Lohan, any other famous redhead figure. I mean really, name anyone and I have probably been told I look like them.

Can I touch your hair?

No. I don't want the hands of someone I just met all up in my hair. I don't want you to touch me at all honestly, thank you.