Cheer up with these secret tips for moving forward from lonliness

It happens to everyone at some time in their life, before you know it, you are thinking these three terrible little words, "I am lonely".

Don't hit the panic button just yet.  Life moves forward like an ocean wave with peaks and troughs.  We all get caught in the troughs sometimes.  Loneliness is often a byproduct of isolation.  People either willingly or unwillingly become isolated or isolate themselves for many reasons, such as;

- addiction problems

- depression

- Health problems or loss of mobility

- recent divorce or breakup

- death of a friend or loved one

- layoff or other economic problems

- new to a city or area with no close contacts

There are almost as many reasons as lonely people, but a large percentage of reasons for "I am lonely" fit into one of the above. It can become a vicious downward cycle.

Here are nine secret tips for dealing with loneliness in no particular order.

1. Exercise regularly.  This has two major benefits for the lonely, release of endorphin and a natural feeling of well-being, and contact with others.

2. Become active in your faith, rekindle old beliefs, and get back to your place of worship. This is a wonderful way to connect with other people who hold similar beliefs.

3. Be engaged and passionate about your occupation and get to know your co-workers or employees by reaching out to them.

5. Become active on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.  Reconnect with old friends, family and colleagues.

6. Meet new friends that share your interests through meetup groups, check for groups in your area. Most large areas have hundreds off meetup groups covering every topic, hobby, and interest imaginable.

7. Avoid negative influences in your life that disguise themselves as comforts but only compound your loneliness, for example, drinking excessively, smoking, fast food, and television to name a few.

8. Laugh, then laugh again. This will raise your spirits and make you more likable at the same time.

9. Step out of your comfort zones, try new restaurants, hobbies and activities. Start travelling, take on new interests, re-engage with life.

Do not let life pass you by. 

Life is a precious gift that is too good to waste. We all have the potential to be great. You deserve better than “I am lonely”. You do not have to change everything at once, take a small step, then
another, then another.