The science fiction thriller “I Am Number Four” is a terrific movie about nine alien teens from a distant planet called Lorien.  They came as refugees to Earth in order to get away from another race of aliens, the Mogadorians, who are ruthlessly trying to annihilate all Loriens.  However, these formidable opponents can only kill them in numerical order.  Guess which one’s number is up?  This movie was based on a novel of the same name by Pittacus Lore. 

Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg produced this fantastic flick.  As a Christian and science fiction fan, I was almost completely satisfied with this movie.  It was refreshing to see teens in healthy relationships with one another, yet the bullying reminded me that some things never change.  There are a few curse words in this film, but they are all the same word.  Number Four is forced to continually move around the world and assume different aliases.  For this plot, he calls himself John Smith.  The star role was played nicely by newcomer British actor Alex Pettyfer, who is set to become a rising star with critical acclaim.  His love interest, Sarah, is played by Dianna Agron of “Glee” fame.  This role definitely makes me respect her.  Other notable players include Callan McAuliffe as John’s nerdy sidekick, Sam Goode, the bully, Mark James, played by Jake Abel and ultra-cool chick Teresa Palmer as Number Six.      

The special effects and stunts, coupled with the storyline, are top-notch:  they aren’t over the top, and that is a relief.  The Mogadorians remind me of the Ferengi from “Star Trek:  The Next Generation”, except they don’t have the big ears and are extremely tall.  Their monster pets are also frightening and impressive, but so is a chimera that is disguised as John’s dog, sent by his parents to protect him.  This unique plot reminds me of Superman, one of my favorite superheroes of all time.  Jor-El must send his son to Earth to avoid death, and he grows up to fall in love with a human, all the while balancing his earthly life with that of his alien superpowers. 

The end of the film was satisfying and left me craving for more.  Hopefully, in the sequel, Numbers Four and Six can show some alien pride and find out what their real alien names are.  I also hope that Earth will embrace the Loriens and band together against the Mogadorians, who are intriguing, despite their status as villains.  Lastly, more history about the Loriens, their ancient interactions with Earth’s humans and more superpowers need to be revealed.  This movie has all the makings of a potential new classic:  sexy, fresh, classy, morally well-rounded and inventive.  This plot is inspiring me to read the novel.  Bravo to the cast, crew and writers for striking creative science fiction gold!!