dreaded scale

I Cant lose weight - Do you say that, after another day of bad choices in food and exercise? It is not easy. But what makes this even harder on the soul, are all the ads on weight loss, about how you can easily lose ten pounds a week, or have a bikini body by summer without dieting.

How can you not be affected by these ads? First of all, if it was that easy, then we would all be slim right? But this is very hard on young people too, especially when image is so important to them.

So, you put out your hard earned money for yet another diet product that promises to change your life, only to feel cheated. You are motivated for the first few days, you may even lose some weight, but it does not fit in with your lifestyle, and you realize that you are not happy, you are in fact miserable, and you decide right then that you would rather be big and happy than skinny and miserable.

If this sounds like the roller coaster you have been on with your weight. Losing it fast and then putting it back on and then some, then you need to stop the madness, and really take stock of who you are.

If you have been carrying around the same 10, 20, 30 pounds or more, and you know that you just can't give up your food or diet or just the thought of giving up food gives you anxiety, then don't!

We all know the way to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you are eating. Instead of trying to do both (diet and exercise) pick one for now.

So, your job right this minute, is to decide which you are more likely to do, what is your personality when it comes to food and exercise. Cut back on your food or move your body!. Some people will gladly give up on food as long as they don't have to exercise. They actually will have long arms, as they will stretch to get something before they will get out of the chair, or roll their office chair everywhere. So, they may do better starting off with a slight reduction in calories.

If you absolutely have a problem with calorie reduction right now, then start by moving your body more. Think of it as payment for the extra food you don't want to give up. You have to pay for it with a calorie burn off this way!

This will at least get you started and take away that anxiety and fear about your lifestyle being turned upside down. If you feel you absolutely have no will power, then either one of these steps is the best way to get started.

So, tonight your homework, is to decide which personality you are. If you have not gained more weight, but basically stay the same, then either one of these is logically going to work. You will either reduce some calories or burn some off.

If you would rather walk than let go of those bagels, then go for it. You know you need to do something, so if you already walk, add another block or two. If you are just starting to exercise, take a stroll around the block to begin with, and then keep adding to it.

If you would rather roll in your office chair than move or exercise right now, then at least trade out some of your fatter foods, or lessen your portion sizes to begin with. Nothing too drastic. You need to get used to these changes.

If you are a person who says "I cant lose weight" then either one of these gentle and easy ways will get you started. You don't have to do both to begin with. If you do each one for a few weeks, you should notice a drop on the scale, as long as you are not adding additional calories

Let yourself get used to this change gradually. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and 21 days to break one. So, make your changes to your day, and stick to them for the next three weeks, make them a part of your life.

You will find, just a bit more motivation to carry on with this weight loss plan, when you see the scale move, without really feeling the effort to do it. The problem with fad diets is you lose a lot of weight quickly, but it is not a sustainable lifestyle. If you love your foods and your carbs, you are not going to do well on a diet with no bread or treats, and to suddenly throw you into that, is not going to work. It may for a few days while you are motivated, but after that, no. You will go to family gatherings and celebrations, where there is food everywhere, and live off of dust?, not going to happen.

If you keep setting yourself up for failure, then it will drop your motivation down a few notches as well as your self esteem. You weight loss plan has to be able to work with your personality. If you feel you are a lazy dieter, then work around it. Start small, do a bit of research. Find a few different brands of foods to replace the ones you have now, don't cut them out, or you will be craving them all day.

After you have made a few tweaks, either with moving or calorie reduction and are finding it fits in with your lifestyle, then maybe add something new. Such as swimming.

Swimming is a great exercise, as you stay cool while working out and it is fun. There will be no sweating with this exercise, and it is easy on the joints, especially if you are carrying a lot of extra weight, and you find it hard to add any more exercise at this point without causing yourself some injury.

Check out your local YMCA or town pool, and see if they have some classes, or if you don't like anything organized, go for the family swim time, take the kids or a friend. This is a great way to fit in some exercise.

So, if you say "I cant lose weight", then change your attitude to "I can lose weight but I will do it on my terms" Most weight loss gurus will tell you to diet and exercise, but if you even just start with one of those, you will have started on your own road to a healthier body on your own terms.