Parents Rights Above All... Really?

What About Parental Duties?

“Could someone help me?  I would like to know if schools have the right to have my son waiting until 9a.m for arriving late at 8:05”, so reads the status of a good friend in Facebook.  There they go more than 20 comments.  Stating how that is illegal, advising her to file a suit with the Department of Education, claiming the wrongdoing of the school director… Letting her know they will consult with a teacher…

Nobody tells my friend that it will be best if next day, she would get out of bed fifteen minutes earlier her accustomed time… That, if she is convinced that the rights of her son have been violated because he was told to wait until the next class period, also should take into account that she is violating the rights of her own son for taking him to school late without even considering traffic rush and the anxiety the boy is unnecessarily put through just for staying in bed a few more minutes.

Our children have the right to go to school peacefully.  As parents we violate their rights when, on a daily basis we take them to school photo finish and tossed them by the gate or at the bus stop all in a rush, as if they were a sack of potatoes.

The government doesn’t stress out with matters like this because this doesn’t earn votes.  But I’m not running for any political position, so here are my two cents.

If the school director has the initiative to implement discipline and directives, the parents get hysterical and claim their rights… If the school director does not leave his office or is always absent supposedly asking for support at the district, parents say the director is no good.  It is about time parents roll up their sleeves, because our children are mainly reflecting and following our pace of “do not mess with me” attitude.  And years down the road, a bit before their teenage years, we have no idea where is he getting the attitude from… Well, he is getting it from us… He is getting from us moms and dads that go claiming to the teacher and to the world instead of making personal adjustments and corrections.

These examples that we give our children every time we make a smart comment when the teacher assigns a project are the ones our children are taking after.  Those not so nice ways we have to describe the teacher at home… That is the education our children are receiving… It is impossible, lunatic, to pretend our children to be respectful in public when the truth of the matter is we behave like savages when nobody is watching.  Children are a pristine reflection of what goes on between those walls.  And, hey, the solution is not to go to your child and tell him to put up a façade in order for you to keep up living some negligent life.  The solution is to make small adjustments.  The answer is personal responsibility.

Of course there are families and there are families… In essence, if we go through life seeking out for excuses in order to justify lack of action… Like we are unable to comply with the teacher’s requirements because his standards are too high, well, there you have it, the basic ingredient for mediocrity: The solid belief that nothing can be done so we might as well do nothing.

Each student speaks tons with his sole presence about what is going on at home… Every student, sitting there, quietly or hyperactive, says a lot about how is he being treated at home.  He sends clear messages that relate his parents’ true persona… Children are walking monitors. They don’t need to talk to say it all.  One day the student misbehaves, a letter is sent home and the parent comes to school with a thousand and one attitudes.  If in a private school, the parent will blurt out how much is he paying to be bothered like this; if in public school, the parent goes ballistic. What is the result? Next time nobody will bother with your child.  They will start relating how your child is so well behaved, or an honor student (even if he doesn’t show basic skills for his grade) he gets red carpet… This is not the norm but it does happen, sadly, because when this student is sent out to face reality and starts competing for a job or filing paperwork to try and run a business, more than likely will end up giving up quickly unconsciously hoping that mom and dad will come by to, again, clean up his mess.  Minimally, this former student, now immature man, will never learned the importance of taking responsibility for his actions.

Is Not Easy Being a Teacher

Especially When Dealing With Certain Parents


It hurts to point inward.  But that is what it means to be a parent, tough love.  It is easy to go through life bragging about social status, cars, money or simply claiming lost illogical causes in order to avoid facing our responsibilities… School starts at eight in the morning, period.  If the other students were able to make it on time, and are already taking their lesson, they also have a right to take their classes without unnecessary interruptions, the good of the many.  My children are very dear and special to me, but they are not more special than anybody else’s child.  If I truly want to do some good in defending their right to be educated, being on time is an integral part of their education.  That is a good place to start, with personal accountability.

There are rules that can be discussed and amended, like uniforms and the cost of books… But in all fairness school schedule should be sacred… And the same goes for the school that easily sends children home due to lack of teachers… That is indeed a worthy cause for a parent manifestation.