Legal Advice Free Online: As An Attorney

Free legal advice is available 24 hours a day by phone to those who may not be able to afford to pay for a lawyer.  Many lawyers and law offices offer these free services and legal counsel online or by phone covering a number of categories.  Most of this legal advice is in the form of a legal library online, and you can also call and speak to an attorney about your issue.  Some give free initial consultations and others give you free help preparing documents.  It all depends on what type of legal service you need help with.

List Of Law Offices Who Give Free Legal Advice 24 Hours A Day By Phone

Clicklaw:  Clicklaw gives legal advice to individuals and small businesses. Its goal is serving every one by providing free legal services, originally starting with the theme ‘expand access to justice’.   Clicklaw has been serving people for many years. Website http:// The toll free number for calling them is 1.800.665.2570


Dial-A-Law: website

Expert lawyers run this company, so they have expertise in many areas of the law. The Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch, finances the company. Phone number:  604.687.4680 in the lower mainland or 1.800.565.5297 elsewhere in BC


VA Legal Aid: website

Here you will be able to get answers to legal questions from expert solicitors.  It is a program for providing up to date, accurate and easily accessible legal advice to clients about poverty law issues. It was founded by legal aid offices of Virginia.  The intent is to allow access  of this information by legal aid attorneys, pro-bono attorneys, clients, advocates and providers of services to legal aid's traditional client base. The toll free phone number: 1-866-534-5243


Free Advice: website

You can get any type of law advice there such as Accident Law, Bankruptcy Law, Business Law, Criminal Law, Employment Labor Law, Estate Planning, Family Law, Financial Law etc. Toll free phone number: 011-91-22-12345678


Access Probono: their website is

They have a legal resources section to find answers to common questions about free legal services.

They provide legal advice for individuals and non-profit organizations. Phone number: 1-877-762-6664 and 604-878-7400


Law Help: website

It provides free legal aid for low and moderate-income people and answer of their legal questions. They can help you with your legal problems relevant to work, family, bankruptcy, disability, immigration and other topics. LawHelp is your gateway to America's free legal aid advice providers. Toll Phone number:  New York (212) 947-9779 Get the phone number of your state from their website at


AccountAbility: website

 AccountAbility Minnesota provides free accounting related legal aid and tax assistance to the  low-income individuals and small business owners. They provide service by skilled and amateur accountants and tax practitioners. Phone number 55114(651) 287-0187


WORLD Law Direct: website http://

This company is one of the most popular legal advice provider companies globally. They have free legal advice providers with alluring features like referrals, ask-an-attorney etc. Lawyers from 26 countries are available for consultation 24 hours a day.


CanLaw:  website http://www.

CanLaw is a Canadian national legal aid referral program providing free legal assistance to the people who are in need of legal help. It is available everywhere in Canada. It has Legal forms and kits and a  Directory of 68,000 Canadian lawyers list of  law firms and contact details of other law-related professionals and also every MP in Canada cross-referenced by party. Have branches in Ottawa and riding offices.  You can ask Canlaw’s help to obtain a lawyer or legal personnel. Canlaw gives legal advice in areas like divorce law, criminal, family law  etc.


Free Advice: website http://www. is one of the best website for consumers who in requiring legal aid. They have skilled lawyers to answer your law related questions in accessible language. They have some attractive features such as their impressive list of lawyers who can help you, a directory of information,  as well as description of state and federal law acts.


Right Solicitor: website

Right Solicitor is another source of free legal advice for those who cannot afford high legal fees.  They offer free legal advice online or over the phone to UK residents.  They also cover several areas of law so you can get the free legal help you need. website

You will get free law advice from expert lawyers at no cost and no hidden fees, 24/7 support.  Their mission is helping people through tough legal times and make good decisions as far as their legal issues are concerned.


Legal Aid OK: website

This company voluntarily serves individuals with low income.  If you cannot afford to hire an attorney,

try contacting them and see how they can help.  Some of the areas of law that they cover are divorce, child support, debt collections, social security disability. Toll free phone number 1-888-534-5243


Victoria Legal Aid: You can contact Victoria legal aid if you want free legal help over the phone.  It will assist you with giving legal advice 24 hours a day.

Website http://

Call them (03) 9269 0120 or 1800 677 402

This company provides free legal aid in 8 languages. Such as:-

عربي/ Arabic – (03) 9269 0127 

Hrvatski / Croatian – (03) 9269 0164  

Ελληvικά / Greek – (03) 9269 0167

Italiano / Italian – (03) 9269 0202  

فار س / Persian – (03) 9269 0123

Polski / Polish – (03) 9269 0228

Српски / Serbian – (03) 9269 0332

Українська Moba / Ukrainian – (03) 9269 0390

Those seeking free legal aid who do not see their native language on this list, please call dial 131 450 for the Translating and Interpreting Service where you will be put through to Victoria Legal Aid.

These free legal services are good to have, but it is important that you do not confuse legal information with reliable legal advice from an Attorney that is working in your best interest.  You should never act on legal advice that is not given to you by an Attorney that you have hired to work specifically on your case.